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Is some blood during shaving normal?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10243points) December 17th, 2011

When I shave certain parts of my face are prone to bleeding. The upper palate area, right above the corners of my mouth,tends to always get some blood near the sides. As soon as I rinse my face the bleeding stops. I am wondering how normal this bleeding is or isn’t.

It has always been like this…

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I never bleed shaving with the grain… Against the grain is as you describe.

Much happier now with electric clippers that always leave a short stubble.

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Don’t shave against the angle of growth.

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When i shave my legs and i see a little blood it usually means I need a new maybe you could apply that with your situation? And I’m with @judochop don’t shave against growth either, especially with an area so sensitive.

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I think that means your blade isn’t sharp enough and/or that you need to shave more slowly around those areas. Anyway, not abnormal or anything, it’s just gonna hurt more when you disinfect.

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A dulling blade and going in the wrong direction will almost always cause you to bleed. I learned through 9 years of military experience about shaving. Shave the wrong way in the morning and when you go out to do PT in the winter mornings and you’ll learn a valuable lesson.

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Old shaver here and against the grain might cause you to bleed a little bit.

A new razor can be the blame many times and when I shave at 430 in the morning, its a wonder I have not cut my throat!!

You are not alone and its normal.

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I agree, you need a new razor, you aren’t changing your blade often enough.

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I use platinum chrome israeli double edge safety razors. I use one side per half of face. Then I toss the blade.

It must be the grain I’ll try some experimenting and tell u what result I get.

Thanks for the input!

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Maybe your razors are too nice :P
Your skin might also be too dry, so when you shave you’re irritating it and it bleeds a little.
Try some lotion (even if it’s not the problem-it doesn’t hurt) and yeah, shave in the right direction.

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It is perfectly possible to shave without cutting yourself. If you are using a DE then I would think your probably not holding the razor at the correct angle which is harder around the mouth area. Unlike a cartridge which will move with the contours of your gave by itself you have to move the DE yourself. It takes a bit of practice but it is possible.

Oh and a good blade should last for a week easily.

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