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How can I get an email link to go somewhere other than Outlook?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10243points) December 17th, 2011

When you find an email address on a website, when you click the send email button it always pulls up outlook, could I set that up differently to have my own internet email client to come up automatically?

Should I be using Outlook with whatever client that I already use?? Is there a better way with another program that is like Outlook but not as glitchy.

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I’m definately following this question because I’m having the same problem!

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Which browser are you using? (Also, there are several different ways that an application can be associated, some by the OS and some by the browser. To make sure, you have to change the setting so both associate your email client.)

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Most browsers have an option in the “Tools” section that enables you to select a default email application / client.

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What is your browser?
Where do you want the email links to go?

For example, here’s what I had to do. I use WIndows & Firefox & Gmail.

In Firefox:

Tools -> Options -> Applications -> mailto – > Use Gmail

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In Firefox it goes something like this.

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@CWOTUS Found it! Thanks :D

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