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Has the military killed Egypt's "Arab Spring"?

Asked by ragingloli (47992points) December 17th, 2011

Egypt’s military relentlessly hunted peaceful protesters, brutally beat them, even shot some of them, laid fires to drive them away and arrested journalists and confiscated their equipment.
Is Egypt’s Arab Spring dead and instead replaced by a military dictatorship?

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Your eulogy is a little early there, Tex. Unlike North American liberals, the Egyptians don’t flee back to their suburban bungalows at the first sniff of tear gas. It’ll take the Egyptians a little while to figure out that you can’t trust any politicians, and that replacing one bunch of bastards with a different bunch of bastards doesn’t make their lives easier.

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The US Army should march in there right now and straighten it all out for them.

Are ya with me?!?!?!

Yes? No?


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No. I am not “with you.” I know you were kidding, but that’s still a very serious and sensitive topic with some people. We do NOT need any more wars! And that’s from both a political perspective and a personal perspective.

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you’re no fun… but GA anyway

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No. The idiots in charge, the incompetent, egotistical generals Mubarak chose, are committing the same suicide their mentor did.

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