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Are there any song lyrics that you felt "spoke to you" on a very personal level?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) December 17th, 2011

Adele’s Someone Like You opens with these words “I heard that you’re settled down / That you found a girl and you’re married now /
I heard that your dreams came true / Guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you…”
Many years ago I fell in love with someone. We were close friends. The problem? He was (is) straight. I am gay. He knew. Eventually he got married. I met his wife. She is very nice. Still bittersweet though… Here’s the song:

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Strange as this might sound, but the opening lyrics of Kodachrome really speak to me: “When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school / It’s a wonder I can think at all.”

For me, high school was not a time of learning, it was a time of survival, pure and simple. Everywhere I turned, I came smack up against the whole “us and them” mentality whether it was between students and teachers or just different cliques. I really do look back on my time in high school and am absolutely amazed that I am anything resembling a functioning human being.

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At this moment, this is one of mine:


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“I have wasted years of my life agonizing about the fires
I started when I thought that to be strong you must be flame retardant”
– Amanda Palmer

To me it’s about letting fear hold you back (a major problem of mine).

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In those moments when the bi-polar tendencies are winning and I’m deeply forgetful that these cycles have come and gone before, I find comfort in this song

Come on home, the team you’re hitched to has a mind of its own
But it’s just the forces of your past you’ve fought before
Don’t you recognize them anymore?
I’m stacking sandbags against the river of your troubles.

-Indigo Girls

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@janbb “I wish i had a river i could skate away on…” Beautiful :)

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When my relationship with the first guy I imagined marrying ended, I listened to this, from South Pacific for hours on end. It’s still bittersweet. It was sung by Emile, so I changed the reference to a female and left out the repeats here:
One dream in my heart, one love to be living for, one love to be living for, this nearly was mine.
One man for my dream, one partner in paradise. This promise of paradise; this nearly was mine.
Close to my heart he came, only to fly away, only to fly as day flies from moonlight
Now, now I’m alone, still dreaming of paradise, still saying that paradise once nearly was mine.

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So many people and each one with heartfelt songs. One of my favorites though is Leonard Cohen’s Waiting For The Miracle.

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Cracks in the ceiling, crooked pictures in the heart
Countin’ and breathin’, I’m leaving here tomorrow
They don’t know, I’d never do you any good
Laughin’ is easy, I would if I could

Ain’t gonna worry
Just live till you die, wanna drown
With nowhere to fall into the arms of someone
There’s nothing to save I know
You live till you die

Loosing a feelin’, that I couldn’t give away
Countin’ and breathin’, disappearin’ in the fade
They don’t know, I’d never do you any good
Stoppin’ and stayin’, I would if I could

Ain’t gonna worry
Just live till you die, wanna drown
With nowhere to fall into the arms of someone
There’s nothing to save I know
You live till you die

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@Blondesjon has another of my favorites right there! <3 <3 <3 for QOTSA The Fade.

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@Neizvestnaya . . . Yeah, that one got me the very first time I heard it.

So did this one:

I’m proud to be an outlaw
I’m proud to be a rock n’ roller
Just don’t want to get judged by the color of my skin
Or the beer that I’m drinkin’

Don’t fuck with me ‘cause I don’t look like you
We can be brothers and wear our different colors too
Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you

Some people got a problem with a man in long hair
I don’t care
Some people don’t like a poor boy ‘cause they think you can’t win
For the thoughts that he’s thinkin’

Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you
Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you

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There are a lot of songs that I relate to on a personal level, but there’s one song that whenever I hear, no matter what’s going on in my life, I always feel as if it’s me singing my heart out.
Kelly Clarkson : Because of you.

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@Neizvestnaya, lol – you know L. Cohen is one of my favorites… awesome lyrics:
Nothing left to do
when you know that you’ve been taken.
Nothing left to do
when you’re begging for a crumb
Nothing left to do
when you’ve got to go on waiting
waiting for the miracle to come.

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I like this question a lot.

Can I add another one? In Kate Nash’s song Merry Happy, she says at one point, “I won’t regret ‘cause you can grow flowers / From where dirt used to be.” This doesn’t really apply to one point in my life, but I’ve always felt that when something goes wrong, something good has always come out of it. Recently, there has been a lot of dirt but I’ve been growing flowers like crazy. :)

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When my ex husband walked out thirty some odd years ago, This was my favorite song by Julie London.

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@comity That is so cool! What a great theme for the moment. You picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and started all over again! Good for you!

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@lillycoyote Yup! I’ve been through good times and bad times, but hey, that’s life and I’ve lived for many a year!

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Some lyrics that really spoke to me also were about love. It is a short song by Streetlight Manifesto called Somewhere in the Between

“You had a love and that love had you
And nothing mattered, you were fine
And some will complain, they’re just bitter, what a shame
They know that loving and losing is better than nothing at all
Maybe the times we had, they weren’t that bad
And everything else was part of our path
We sang: ‘I don’t know where we go from here’

This is the anthem, the slogan, the summary of events
And we all just idealize the past
And someday soon my friends, this ride will come to an end
But we can’t just get in line again”

for me this answered the question “is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?”.

I believe that they are trying to say that yes it is better to have loved and lost because if you did not have that love you would have not had those great times with that other person. Even if there were also bad times with that person there were still good times you would not have had otherwise.

I also think it says that we need to move on in life comparing life to a ride in the fact that they both come to and end. But unlike a ride you cannot just get in line to live another life.

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I have always been able to relate strongly to Rock n Roll Dreams Come True by Meat Loaf and Somewhere Down the Road by Barry Manilow.

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