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When optical technicians fit eyeglass lenses into plastic eyeglass frames, do they purposely adjust the frame shape in order to fit the lenses in?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13971points) December 17th, 2011

To those who wear and have purchased eyeglasses——Is it me or do optical technicians sometimes adjust the shape of the eyeglass frame in order to fit the lenses in? In my experience, I have always been surprised when I get my new glasses——the shape of my new plastic eyeframes doesn’t seem to be the same shape as it was when I first tried them on in the eyewear shop. It’s frustrating, for example, when a very rectangular frame becomes a “bit oval” in shape, not what I wanted. Why do optical technicians do that? Can’t they make lenses to fit into the rectangular frames I originally wanted?

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No. They do not. My guess is that you’re remembering the frames incorrectly.

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I too think it’s just you. I’m pretty sure it’s just the lenses that are shaped to the frame and not vice versa. They just don’t always do it right. I’ve had more than one frame that has had the lens pop out.

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Nope. When an optician stocks a particular brand and model of frame, they also have a stock of unground lenses to fit that specific frame. This is why,if you have a favorite frame, and you get a new prescription a few years later, they rarely can put the new lenses in the old frame if it’s been discontinued (another way business likes to screw people out of their money).


@HungryGuy Well, the eyeframe I had given them came from another eyeglass shop. I went to these opticians because they were close to where I lived. So maybe they didn’t have the stock of unground lenses to fit my frame, and they shaped my frames to fit what they had in stock? Maybe that’s what happened? Or am I still imagining it?

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@MRSHINYSHOES – It’s possible. If it’s a close fit, and the frames are plastic rather than metal, they can sometimes force the lenses to fit. But the frames will eventually crack from the stress.

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