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Where can I sell my pictures that are from my camera?

Asked by AshlynM (10607points) December 17th, 2011

I’d like to see if I can make any money selling pictures I took from my camera.

I know you can sell them online, but what about physical locations? Any major chain or well known stores that will buy your pictures?

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If the pictures are very high quality and on topical news-worthy subjects, your local newspaper may pay for them.

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Good question, I’ve often wondered if I could ever sell the pictures I take on my camera or phone. I use the Instagram app on my iPhone all the time, but going off of what @downtide brought up, Instagram pictures probably wouldn’t have good enough quality.

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You might want to try a stock photography site like You’ll be competing with amazing images from very talented professional photographers though, so you’re not likely to make much unless your images are great.

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Try As for physical locations, I’m not sure.

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If they are the sort of pictures advertisers, artists and website developers might want to license, check into iStockPhoto. They are a stock photo agency and supply tons of images to media types. You get a royalty payment every time someone licenses one of your images for use. If they wish to use it in a logo or other restricted uses, that royalty can be substantial. But even lots of micro-payments can add up.

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Local artists on the cheap who want to see their work displayed will get some 8×12’s prints framed with mat board… and contact local coffee shops for free interior wall display. So your prints hang in high traffic areas… and each one has a business card and a price tag on it.

Starting artists are selling framed 8×12’s for around $40… So you have to get cheap prints and cheap frames to make a profit.

Do this in a few different venues all over town and keep your inventory rotating between the venues. Show flowers in one spot, and rotate it out with sunsets from another venue. When an image sells, make sure you replace the blank space on the wall soon.

You’re not looking to fill an entire coffee shop or doctors office. You just want one wall near the cash register… close enough that customers can walk up close and see them. Make sure the framing and prints look great and you’ll do fine.

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