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Other than cornbread, what bread would you serve with chili?

Asked by tedibear (19218points) December 18th, 2011

My husband’s company is having a potluck on Tuesday. There is chili involved and he has been asked to bring bread, but not cornbread as someone else is bringing that.

I was thinking a slightly chewy white bread, like sourdough. Or would a focaccia be better? Ciabatta is a pain in the neck, so I’m not doing that.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

PS: I put this in social in case topic wandering happens. I’m good with that. :)

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I think sourdough is a great idea! Or you could do a whole grain kind of baquettey thing. Now I want to make chili

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Yes, a toothsome white would be good like Italian.

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How about flaky biscuits or a hearty whole wheat bread?

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Navajo Fry bread.

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I think what you need to go for here, in the bread, is texture rather than the taste. Most chili is pretty strong tasting, so I think a chewy, dense, white bread, that could be torn into pieces and dipped in the chili would be the way to go, so as to not confuse the taste of the meal.

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All great answers! Keep them coming.

@marinelife – Extra lurve for using the word “toothsome.” Excellent description.

@Ayesha – Do you have a recipe that you particularly like? I can go look for one but I like recommendations of things people have tried.

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@WestRiverrat Suggested a good one.
Takes about 40 minutes of your time. Preparation time is 15 minutes and cooking time is 25 minutes. Do try.

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Cheese onion bread. I make any white bread recipe, then at the last kneading I knead in green onion and chedar cheese. Haven’t masde it in a while but it sure is yummy!!

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You want a nice, heavy bread, one that won’t fall apart if people want to dip it into their chili, and preferably one with a nice crust to facilitate scraping. Sourdough is a good choice, but I’ve recently begun experimenting with soda bread. Because it contains no yeast, it’s very heavy. And since you don’t need to wait for it to rise, it’s simple to make, too. This is a good recipe. I don’t bother with the self-rising flour, I use all whole wheat flour and add extra baking powder.

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I would try a masa bread. Although it has some corn flavor, it is totally distinctive.

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What about a bread-bowl?.

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Or some chips… a restaurant I live near serves thick, greasy tortilla chips with their chili. It’s so unhealthily delicious.

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Flour or corn tortillas served warm and crispy from the oven.

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Garlic bread, make it fancy with chopped garlic, parsley, a dash of paprika.
Or, garlic bread sticks, or cheese stuffed garlic breadsticks.

Grilled tortillas brushed with butter, would be good too!

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@coloma, and just to give it a Mexican flair, snip a little celantro on it!

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Sourdough is the correct answer to your question.
If you want to try something different, make cornbread batter, and cook it using a waffle iron.
The results are pretty amazing.

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@filmfann : I make cornbread waffles sometimes, they’re great with peanut butter!

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A cornbread waffle smothered in navy beans and…

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