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Suggestions for phrases to go on the inside of a suit?

Asked by ben (8713points) December 18th, 2011

I’m planning on buying a custom suit from indochino. There’s no special purpose for the suit other than having something nice to wear, and also maybe attending some weddings.

One of the things they offer is a free monogram: 2 lines, max 20 characters per line.

I think it’s a great opportunity to put something funny/dashing/confidence inspiring instead of my name.

My only idea so far is from 30 Rock:

You’re a tiger
Take what’s yours

but I’m wondering if the collective can help me with other witty ideas.

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Think Big

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The soul of this man is in his clothes.

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Maybe a quote from the TV show “Suits” would be fitting:

“No kicking. No biting. No rabbit punches.”

“You can have my faith. What you’re not getting is my money.”

“Captain Kirk is the man and I don’t want to hear another word about it…”

“I can do the math, Good Will Hunting.”


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When you take me off,
Put on a condom.

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I have a beautiful wool suit made for my dad in London in 1952, when he was a corporal in the US army,

I know that, but I am the only one. When I die, nobody will remember. It will be some old not-in-style old rag. So I say make an obvious statement.

Something like “This suit was made for YOUR NAME on the date MM/DD/YYYY by NAME OF SUITMAKER in the city of CITY AND COUNTRY”

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I’m not cocky-
I’m confident

I’m not afraid to fall, it means I climbed too high
Either way it shows I tried

You’re only young once so be bad.

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Other side out

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The power of the collective.

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The pursuit of Life
Suits you best!

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Would you learn to fucking drive.

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World oyster 2012

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Any job doing is worth taking credit for.

DrBill 1986 Phi Beta Kappa Society Convention

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If you can read this, then
you’re too close to my nipple!

( I know, too many characters and hardly inspiring )

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Property of Twitter
Tweed ben if found

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Art is the proper task
of life. -Nietzsche

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I am the man.

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What’s so special
about salt and pepper?

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Do not wear
with poo hat.

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I am not the defendant.

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If Life is Beautiful
Then so am I

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Fashion should not be expected to serve in the stead of
courage or character. – Loretta Young

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1. This is Ben’s suit.
2. My other suit is an Armani.
4. organ donor

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If only you weren’t restricted to 20 characters/line!! I really love this quote I recently discovered:

‚ÄúLife shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage.” – Anais Nin

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Stay Hungry
Stay Foolish

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So happy to see you here – and yet another wonderful question for the jellies.

I would write something like this, which I have written on my business card and is attached to the inside of my eyeglass case;

You need it – enjoy.
No? Call 555–1212.Thanks!

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I dunno a nice suit is kinda like a Transmogrifier so you could paraphrase what Calvin says to his Tiger:
Amazing what they do w/
corrugated cardboard.

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I have my suits made in Bangkok and they always just put my name in it. But I like your idea of something inspiring. Don’t know what yet but thanks for the idea!

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“Suggestions for phrases to go on the inside of a suit?”

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Tweets beget tweeds.

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