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What baby item would you like to have an adult version/size of?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) December 19th, 2011

Babies get a lot of cool stuff to use and play with while growing up.

What thing would you like to have now as an adult? Why would it be nice to have?

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I would like an adult size swaddle. It’d be nice to be all comfy and warm in one.

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I would like an adult size of baby vanilla pudding. Yum!

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Someone to do all of your cooking, cleaning, and paying the bills…
Or maybe one of These

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A bouncy swing, but, not many doorways could support a bouncing 134 lb. baby girl. lol

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A rocking horse.

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I think it would be great to have a mobile hanging above my bed, but it would be more intricate and fancy. Maybe a professionally crafted and engineered mobile of our solar system, or even galaxy.

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I would digress a little and choose myself, halcyon days of my childhood under cover of my parents. Miss a lot!...carefree days…

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Oh that’s easy..
I’d like an adult-sized version of one of these an oversized papasan chair that would rock me or swing me.

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A wetnurse.

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A Jumparoo. The kind that doesn’t hang from the doorway.

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Stretchsuits! How comfy would we all be if we could wear them all the time.

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soother instead of cigarettes. I quit smoking years ago but boy I miss them by times.

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A bed mattress/base that swings from side to side with an overhead super cool mobile of blown glass trinkets like tiny flying insects and birds.

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feety pajamas

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I already have what I want, a glorious tit with a nipple to suckle on.

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@erichw1504 sorry I didn’t read the other comments :o

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A crib. I fall out of bed alot.

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fuuty pajamas

just because

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@wundayatta I suspect you want the ones with a drop bottom? :-)

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An adult stroller. Some days the sun gets intense on my bald noggin, and safety bar would keep me from falling out.

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They’re more for toddlers, but imagine the fun workout we would get if we had adult size versions of those playparks with tunnels, ballpits, etc.

I agree with the jumparoo/johnny-jump-ups. Looks like a blast!

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You know those baby swings that you program to swing around for a set amount of time? I’d love to have an adult size one like that, and just chill out and be rocked back and forth in it. I might look incredibly silly…but that would be awesome. :D

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I would like a playground for adults. Something like the obstacle course in the Wipeout game show ... but less painful and more fun.

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A rose pink onesy. (a daytime wear footy pajama.)

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Part of me wants to have the simplicity of a baby’s life.

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