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It's 10K time! Shall we rant and rave for our new mansion dweller?

Asked by SavoirFaire (26924points) December 19th, 2011

Congratulations, @6rant6! Welcome to the mansion!

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Congrats! Well deserved.

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All right! Congratulations!

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Wow, it seems as if you just joined. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Have you always wanted a fancy car? There’s one waiting for you, I hear. But you can only drive it on the back roads of the castle grounds. But you can drive it as fast as you want to. As long as you don’t hit anything. And you have to look out for the giraffes.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have all the freshed baked Christmas cookies, 3 2-liter bottles of soda, and a giant shrimp cocktail! Hopefully others bring more! WELL DESERVED, MY FRIEND!

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Great! Now I’m not the newbie :D
Congratulations @6rant6!! Maybe we can hang out together for a while?

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations!!

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Mazel Tov!

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Well done, 6, congratulations!

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Well Done!!!!!!!! Party near 623.45

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Congratulations :D
Champagne on a Monday, oh why not!

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This is just fabulous! Finally, the Mansion Repertory Company has another leading man/director (the all-squirrel production of Waiting For Godot was just not coming together the way we’d hoped).

Welcome! Welcome! Congratulations! And CHEERS!

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Congratulations! This is excellent news! :)

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Dude, congrats! Pull up a throne and enjoy your success here on Fluther. Cheers man! :D

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Congratulations @6rant6! I always love your posts. Welcome to the mansion. And you do Squirrel productions? How fantastic!

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I am not able to respond to this in person, but I want to say that 6rant6 is a terrific contributer! I am always interested in what he/she has to say!
Congo rats! Well done!

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Congrats, 6rant6! Thanks for being such a great member of the community. :-)

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Yippee!! Just in time for the holidaze!!

Live it up!

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Ok @6rant6 its time to get on the happy train to 10k mansion…see you in awhile!

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Nice job. Congratulations!!

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This shot of Nyquil is for you! I’d blow you a kiss but I wouldn’t be spreading any Christmas cheer, just flu germs! But hey, I can wash my hands and give you a 10k spanking. lol ;-p

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Congrats, 6!

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Congratulations, Grant Six! That’s how I hear your name in my head, anyway. :)

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Way to go dude, sweet.

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You’re the best in guessing games! Congrats!

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Congrats on 10K, SIXRANTSIX.

I just googled your name and found the meaning of 6rant6.

Anyway, Congratulations!!

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Congratulations on the 10 K :D Keep it up ;)

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Woop woop! Congratulations. I know I’m a bit late for the party but I would just call that “fashionable”. Well done you.

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Congratulationitoricalism @6rant6 !!

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Cong6rant6ulations. :)

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What a great way to start the day
With a 6rant6 partay!

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I’m fashionably late to the celebration, but I’ll make up for lost time if you’ll lead me to the bar. Congratulations, 6rant6!!

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Congratulations 6rant6! Now, where’s the bar, I owe @picante a drink! :-)

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Wish 6ranted! Con6ratulations on the 10k!

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That was pretty quick. Welcome to the mansion. Job well done.

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Congratulations @6rant6!

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I feel like I am at an Amway convention and 6Grant6 just got promoted. Congrats yo. Enjoy the access pass.

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C’mon! If this really is a pyramid lurve scheme then you guys can do better than this. We wanna get rich right? Psssht, if there was real lurve in here this place would be filled with mattresses and wallets. You wanna promotion? Then you have to endorse the person below you.

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(There is no one below me, @judochop… least not at this moment.)

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Now there’s someone below you

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The jelly below me…. oh shit. Wrong thread. Sorry.

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Can you get off me please?

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What, you have a problem with the cute Christmas Kitteh?

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No, it’s just that I might not be able to control myself

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Oh my… I’m running away now. Please don’t squish the kitteh!

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Who said anything about squishing ?

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Yeah, Chocolate, I’m sure the end will be worse than that;)

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