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Should I have a separate blog for a band page?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 19th, 2011

I love blogging. Should I just continue blogging my whole life on one blog, or have it separate. Some things I’m considering to separate. 1. A separate art blog full of my art works. (should I separate my photo blog from my paints and drawings?!) 2. A separate band blog where I post only music related things. 3. And have a separate blog where I post about my troubles and thoughts of normal life, and post family things and such.

Help! Major internet schizophrenia!

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Personally I would separate it because I think its better for band exposure.

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I agree the band should be separate.

With all those blogs to maintain, how do you have time for life?

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In my opinion, yes. It seems best to only have things about the band and things associated with it on a band’s blog.

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@marinelife art and music is my life :D

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Definitely separate. I was writing about personal things on my music blog and my mom told me I was losing people! Eek! Now it’s all relevant. I’ll read your band blog if you read mine!

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