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Why does Eminem pronounce some "T" words like they start with a "C"?

Asked by Zhenya (64points) December 20th, 2011

In many Eminem songs, I hear that he says “time” like “cime”, “to” like “cu”. Why is he doing this? Is it American English?

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Eminem is not a shining light (good example) of the English language.

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instead of “t” says “c”

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It’s a white thing

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I must not be paying close attention then, because I don’t remember hearing him say “cime” or “cu”.

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I haven’t noticed this. I’ll see.

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I’ve noticed this, too in some songs. It helped me to look up the lyrics and pay attention to that certain part of the song. Like @cockswain said, it’s a white thing, he just speaks/raps that way.

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Do not listen to American hip-hop, rap or even r&b or rock music or punk music to make sense of the English language. Many singers change the way a word sounds just to make it flow. You get the idea of the word either way so it is fine but please, do not talk like them.

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Because he is a dumb A$$...and akk Rappers are Dumb A$$eS

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