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How long until my hair stops falling out!

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) December 20th, 2011

I’ve been increasing my protein since my hair started shedding at high rates (I went vegan and now vegetarian). It is freaking me out. How long until I can count on less hair shedding?

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Diet is as important as taking care of your hair yourself too. Apply coconut oil twice a week. If there’s too much shedding I’d suggest a hot oil treatment at home once a week. Change shampoos, use an anti dandruff one. Stop using conditioner if you use one. Also go for a hair mask treatment once in about two weeks. Brazil nut mask is really good.

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Consider taking a supplement of biotin.

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You may want to go to your doctor to have some blood work done to see how things look from that perspective. It may identify a deficiency you haven’t even thought about. There are many things regarding nutrition that can lead to hair loss (minerals, vitamins, protein, and water for example). By having your doctor run some tests, you could have a better idea of what you need to do, rather than guessing. There are also other reasons for hair loss that aren’t related to nutritional deficits, such as stress, medications, age, hormones, genetics, and some illnesses.

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You must get your thyroid checked if you do nothing else. The most basic test is TSH, it is very inexpensive and the results come back in a day usually. If you have insurance checking TSH and T3 and T4free is a more thorough thyroid check. Also, check your b12, vitamin D and iron.

Seriously, if you go to the doctor, make sure he checks your TSH, they don’t all do it. There are other things that can cause hair loss, but thyroid problems are a very common cause.

Is your hair thinking all over, or is the hair falling out in patches?

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I was thinking of your TSH, as @JLeslie said. TSH is important – if your TSH level is too high, you could experience hair loss, constipation, etc. TSH and your thyroid have to do with your metabolism. If it’s too high (over 4.5) the doctor may prescribe Synthroid or levothyroxine, which is a simple fix. Too low of a TSH level and you might experience diarrhea, headaches and more. Also vitamin levels have to do with hair loss, so like @Seaofclouds said, get your levels checked by a doctor.

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All my blood tests were normal. Thank you for your responses, but what I need to know how long it will take to regulate once proper measures are taken.

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@SundayKittens: If you just had blood work, I suggest you call that doctor, tell him your issue and ask him what could be the problem and how long it might take to rectify.

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How long it will take will depend on the problem. Once the issue is completely resolved, you should start to see a difference. That being said, it’s normal for us to shed hair on a daily basis. I think we generally lose anywhere from 50–100 strands of hair each day. It may take a while for you to notice a difference in the thickness of your hair because you will have to have all the hair you’ve lost grow back in and that may take awhile.

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Thanks everyone.

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@SundayKittens You say all blood tests were normal, do you know for sure your TSH was tested?

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And if it was, what was the TSH level?

A lot of times, doctors will say “everything was normal” which means “everything we tested for was normal.” Sometimes with TSH, unless you have a thyroid problem, or some specific complaint that might relate to a thyroid problem, they won’t test for it.

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Actually @jca makes a very good point. The normal range for TSH comes under argument all the time, there is a push to change the normal range. Currently it is something like .5–5.5 some want the upper limit to be changed to 3.5. Your doctor, especially if he is a GP, internist, GYN, anything but an endocrinologist, will say you are normal at 5, and at 5 I have tons of hair dropping out of my head.

I lose hair at <1.5 and >4.

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