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Does this sound like a tooth ache or sinus infection?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) December 20th, 2011

I’ve been sick for a few days, my nose has been super stuffy and my throat was super sore. I felt a side of my mouth has been hurting, can this be linked to the fact that my sinuses are plugged up? It’s only my left nostril and the left side of my face including my ear.

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Yes – toothache with congestion is often a sign of sinus infection. Try your MD first.

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@janbb Thank you for making me feel better. I’ve only had one cavity (when I was younger) and plan to keep it that way!

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@projectilevomit The reason I know this is because I have gone to the dentist with aching teeth and when he didn’t find anything, he said it might be sinuses. A few months ago, I woke with congestion and aching teeth. I went straight to my doctor who said, “How did you know that?” By the way, a bad sinus infection is worth getting antibiotics for although you should avoid taking them for things they won’t cure.

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@janbb So, I’m assuming all I can do is, sit it out?

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No – what I am saying is you should your doctor and if it is a sinus infection, you should get antibiotics.

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Is your congestion clear or is it green and yellow or worse, brown and red?
It is usually true but not always that if your congestion is clear then you just have a bad cold and even though your sinuses are swollen and hurting your teeth due to pressure.
If you are battling green and yellow or brown and red congestion then get to the doctor and get an antibiotic to kill it! Yes, you can wait it out but it might turn to chest congestion which posses just another new set of things to deal with.
Bottom line. Fluther is not a doctor, just the opinions of folks who are experts in so many areas except this one. If you can afford it, go to the doc. Amoxacillian will take care of it.

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My grandfather is a retired dentist, and I forget exactly how it works…. but typically tooth aches that are a result of some dental malady will be exacerbated by either something cold or hot (as in the sensation of hot or cold will cause it to hurt). That being absent would support the sinus infection.

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Yes, very well could be a sinus infection. I get them once a year or so and the post nasal drip is causing the sore throat and the blocked sinuses the jaw, ear and tooth pain.

Infact I may be dealing with one now myself.
Came down sick on Saturday with the really nasty, bloody, sinus stuff and it’s morphed into my chest now..waiting another day or two to see if it’s a virus or a sinus infection.

If it is, you will need an antibiotic.

Otherwise drink lots of fluids, and use a sinus rinse several times a day to see if it clears up on it’s own. Good luck, one of the worst sicknesses to have…bleh!

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There is a nerve there that is sensitive to pressure. If it gets worse when you bend over and tip your head upside down, it is definitely your infection causing the problem. Try taking a long hot bath and stretching or a hot shower and stretch while you are in there. If you can imagine that your system has hydraulics and you need your head to drain down your neck and you need blood to pump into your head to help the infection, it might help.

I have suffered from stess-induced problems with my cranial nerves. When the pain starts, the muscles tense even more, exacerbating the problem by restricting the flow of the lymph and circulatory system. In my instance, it is the right side. Because it is effecting your face and ear, I am suspecting that the pressure is the cause of the pain and not a cavity.

You may need antibiotics. The usual test is, if it’s clear, let it be, if it’s green get thee to a doctor. That being said, even if your mucus is not indicating an infection with a funky colour, because you mention throat problems, you may have an infection there that is causing the nerve issue.

With all the weird bacteria around these days, I wouldn’t take any chances. I would go in and check for an infection. You said it has been a few days, but if it has been just getting worse and you feel no better in the throat or nose for 4 or 5 days, I would stress that a doctor’s visit is in order.

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I just got over a bad cold/flu that was primarily on the right side of my head! My right ear was plugged, my right nostril stuffed and the right side of my throat was burning. I didn’t even have a sinus infection. So, yes, you can get a cold or virus that stays on one side for some weird reason.

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@judochop It has been green/yellow.

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@janbb I’ll be sure to pick something up today. I was freaking myself thinking I have a cavity. :/
Thank you, all.

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Also, it’s kind of a myth that the mucus has to be green, yellow, rusty, etc.
Sometime, especially after sleeping all night the secretions are thicker and more discolored first thing in the morning with regular viral conditions.
I have had bacterial sinus infections where the mucus does run mostly clear, this is because the “nest” of the infection is waaay up in the sinuses and the clear secretions flow around the blockage.
Mostly, if you do not feel better within a week to 10 days or so, and if you have a cough that lingers it’s time to get checked out.

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@Coloma Thank you, I will get checked out. Hopefully, I’m okay.

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Oh, also…bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth is indicative of a bacterial infection too.
Feel better soon, I’m on standby watching myself too. Bleh! :-p

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Another way of checking to see whether it’s a tooth is to bonk on the biting surface of the teeth in the sore areas with the handle of a metal pick or probe. That’s what the dentist does when I have complained of a problematic tooth.

But as mentioned here already, a tooth in trouble will give you a twinge if you drink something very hot or very cold.

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@Coloma Thank you, I just went to the Doctor a little while ago and got some anti biotics. I regularly brush and mouth rinse, too. I hope you feel better, soon! I’ve never experiencedG anything like this and this is so horrible. @gailcalled Thank you for the advice, and luckily, it isn’t a cavity!

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Good, yes, I am right behind you this morning, I am SURE that’s what’s going on with me too. Bleh! Awful stuff. Yay Z-Pak comin’ up! We’ll feel better by Xmas! :-)

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Sure enough, I was feeling up to speed by Friday. :)

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