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Do you think a Libertarian will ever get elected as President of the USA?

Asked by Vicseay (52points) May 17th, 2008

Bob Barr was talking about running in 2008 as the Libertarian candidate for President. Are they for real?

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Not anytime soon for sure. But who can say farther out in the future how thing swill change?

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Nice typo.

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@johnpowell I didn’t do it on purpose, but it deserves to stand just as it is. Thanks for the catch.

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As evidenced by the current presidential race, it takes an enormous amount of money to run for president. It is difficult for a Libertarian, or any third party candidate, to raise that kind of money. Ross Perot was the last person to have much success running outside our currently entrenched two party system, but he was a billionaire and put in a lot of his own money. If he wasn’t so loony, he would have stood a good chance at getting elected. I could certainly envision a wealthy, charismatic, third party candidate getting elected. Now whether it would be a Libertarian is another matter since they have a branding issue. It would most likely be an Independent.

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in America we have a two party system, its basically impossible for a third party to win the electoral votes. The democratic party merged with the populist party so if the libertarian party were to merge with the republican party theoreticaly they could get elected… I don’t realistically see a party that extreme winning any elections

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As a Green Party member, I think it’s important for so-called “third paties” to be able to run candidates and thereby present their different and unique perspectives on the problems and issues that we face as a nation. The political system needs a few tweaks to make that more possible… things like proportional representation and instant runoff voting (IRV).

I’d also like to see the existing “duopoly” parties, which are actually just coalitions held together by baling wire and string, broken up into their component constituencies. Then those Libertarians who presently are stuck with/inside the GOP would have more of a chance to establish their own voice.

Now, the question of whether you want to elect someone to run a government when they don’t believe in government… that’s a different question! ;*)

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