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A good adult alternative to MySpace?

Asked by Vicseay (52points) May 17th, 2008

I want a MySpace thing…but I don’t like all the childish shit that that site is cluttered with! What would be a good alternative to join?

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I use Myspace. I keep my page set to private, so I don’t have to deal with the idiots. You could try doing that too.

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One that seemed more adult was Gather, but I can’t really recommend it, I thought the vibe was weird. A lot of people seem to like it though.

kevbo's avatar is similar but for professionals looking to network.

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I absolutely love Facebook.
Good vibe. Highly recommended.

It’s become a great way for me to lightly keeping up with tons of old acquaintances from HS, college, and new friends. For example, a college acquaintance recently got posted on her Facebook status that she was engaged. We’re not close enough that I’d be on her e-mail announcement list, so this was a great way to hear about it and congratulate her.

LinkedIn is all right and is definitely focused on professional networking. I prefer Facebook.

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I use LinkedIn and Flickr.
I deliberately do not use Facebook or MySpace. To me they seem a bit too attention-seeking-without-much-to-offer – type mediums. I know there are exceptions, like new artists on MySpace, but for the most part it’s just people going ‘look at me’.

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What is it exactly that you’re looking to do? That might help us direct you to a place that’s appropriate or a good fit for you.

Social networking sites are all the rage so there’s no lack of them, and some sites that are more subject-driven are also out there. Personally I’m not fond of MySpace at all, I’ve visited a few pages that had so much going on in the way of background that I couldn’t focus on the materials being presented.

While Facebook has a overwhelming amount of useless but fun applications the interface itself is fairly clean. It’s made staying in touch with people that I already know and hooking up with people who share similar interests far more interesting.

In short, the childish shit is generally an option and not a requirement. It may take awhile for you to do anything more than test the waters with each social networking possibility you consider.

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MySpace should never be an alternative, it’s really the worst thing on the internet.
Facebook is always a good choice for people who lives in the real world. For bloggers and fanatic users of either Digg or Flickr I recommend Pownce. Also, if you prefer not using your real name in social networks, consider Orkut.

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If you have an iPhone, iRovr is a great social site that has people from many different countries and backgrounds. There are some younger and/or immature people that cause controversy on occasion; but for the most part everyone is respectful even when expressing differences of opinion. It even allows for custom and private areas which makes the experience more personal on many ways.

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hearkat, the link you provided broght me back to this thread.

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@Scamp: I know… it’s strange! I’m on my iPhone now, so maybe I am forgetting how to type links in.

I can’t fix it… it’s
let’s see if that works… :-/

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hee hee.. yep, that one worked!

mrjadkins's avatar advertises itself as the social network for the Boomer generation and the Generation Joneses is a site not for age groups but connecting people based on interests in music, photography, videos, etc. Cross-generation networking.

I like LinkedIn as a professional network but it isn’t as personal as the others.

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