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How can I look up a cell phone to see the name of cell phone owner?

Asked by shortyma198633 (44points) December 20th, 2011

I recently found and item on craigslist and was going to go and purchase it. A friend kinda scared me when she said that sometimes there not who they say they are. How can I check the name to the number to make sure Im talking to who I think I am?

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You really can’t Just take someone with you and agree to meet them in a public place.

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Honestly, I would not even trust the info. from a 411 cellphone operator.

Drug addicts and drug dealers give any name in order to establish service for criminal activities.

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ehhh im freakin out now lol was stoked to find some baby stuff online for cheaper than new and actually had a conversation with this person via text..for a while exchanged baby stories etc now im weirded out. Planned on bringing someone with me regardless…...but it would be another female and im still freaking out. I have another friend who uses craigslist all the time and never has an issue….

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Well you can use their e-mail. And look them up on FaceBook perhaps. But that’s just pish posh in my opinion. I use this method to get an idea of who I’m meeting, but I’m already always sure that I’m going to purchase it. CraigList is fine, just go ahead and meet at a mutual place. Like a StarBucks. I used CraigsList about 15 times in my life. Never had an issue, just some pretty down to earth chill people selling and buying stuff. Good luck anyhow. Be smart, meet at a mutual place.

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If I were using Craigslist to sell items to total strangers, I would probably make up a fake name anyway… Why does knowing if they’re using their real name tell you whether the person is dangerous? I agree that you should meet them in a public place if possible.

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Just would make me feel better if i did a legit reverse phone look up and the name they gave me matches the name on account…make sense? Cuz now I dont even want to go hahahah…...I had already planned on bringing someone with me but Im still a little iffy about it.

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@shortyma198633 I have also never had a problem using craigslist. i am unclear on why you are freaking out.

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I dont know lol just one of my friends told me to be careful that they arent all nice ppl..i just let my brian go and go i guess I wasnt worried til she said that. People are crazy these days..guess i shouldnt be so concerned.

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Just take your brian with you, and you’ll be safe. ;)

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hahaha i know i overreact just never know….just made me think of how cheap the item was how…she wanted me to text her for info…how she just threw me her address like it wasnt a big deal…lol just made me go…hmmmmm lol guess Ill put my big girl panties on and just do it…might just bring an extra friend lol hahha

jaytkay's avatar “reverse phone” will identify a cell (or unlisted landline) number for $1.99. If they don’t have a name there is no charge.

I estimate about a 30% success rate. Better than nothing. And cheap.

I pay them $1.99/month for unlimited lookups (I need it for work).

This is the 2nd time today I have recommended the web site, I feel a need to add I am simply a satisfied customer, not a shill.

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