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Is this what I'm looking for in order to replace a hose that connects my transmission to the radiator?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 20th, 2011

I sort of cut the hose off the old one on a radiator replacement. Now I’m leaking transmission fluid.

Is this what I’m looking for in order to replace the “cooler line”?

O’Reilly Link Here

Is it even called a hose? Or cooler line? Or tube? I just need to connect my automatic transmission to the radiator. Thanks!

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If your vehicle is driveable, take it to AutoZone and let them check it out for free for you.

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Here’s something that might help and yes, you can call them hoses. :-) So I think you’re looking for a “heater hose.” But you should double check at the auto parts store.

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@john65pennington Okay I live right down the street from one, but as soon as I turn on the vehicle it leaks should I risk that? Is that flammable? @lillycoyote It resembles the “lower hose” more in correlation to its location and proximity from radiator to transmission.

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@whitetigress Yes, all vehicles are going to be slightly different. You should get someone at the auto parts store to help you make sure you get the right one, I think.

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If you still have your old hose, walk down to the auto parts store with it and ask for a replacement. You will probably want to get new clamps to hold it on too. The old ones may work, but why take the chance?

If you don’t still have the hose, they should still be able to help you if you take in the make, model and year of your car.

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Thanks all I actually purchased it. “Transmission Oil Cooler Hose” is what it’s labeled hah.

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