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How do you tell someone how you feel?

Asked by henry_david (67points) May 17th, 2008 from iPhone

At this very moment, I’m at a senior function (high school senior, that is) and I want to tell someone how I feel. Direct or indirect approach? Help!! Please answer by 10:45pm Pacific!!!!!!!!

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Say how you feel! Start out with a bit of an “ice-breaker”, and then just let it out! You don’t want to live with a regret of something you didn’t do!

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Just do it. It’s better to be honest than beat around the bush, so just come out and say it. You don’t want to regret it. The school year is almost over! Go for it! Good luck…let us know!

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Missed her. Tried calling her but she had already left. When she called back, I just chatted it up. I’m more of a face-to-face type. Def. tomorrow or Monday.

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With humor.
And what do you have to lose?

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direct with no holding back.
Why beat around the bush?

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What works for me (when I can do it) is when I’m impulsive and spontaneous. That’s hard to plan. Hehehe. I find when I just let my insides out, everything works out good.

Good luck!

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What you say may depend on how you think she feels about you. If you are too bold and
direct and she doesn’t reciprocate, you may ruin a friendship..What’s your history?

Subtlety has its place and indirection is also a good skill to master. Good luck.

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Just suck it up and tell her. Nothing wrong with rejection. But you never know unless you ask. Goodd luck

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Hah, I think if I were in your place, it’d only be easy to say that I should go for it. But then, I dunno. In most occasions, I’d probably wait until the last minute before I can tell if it’s more important to let it go.

I personally go by: “When in doubt, I don’t think about it for an hour. If no decision is reached, I sleep the night through it. If there is still no decision, it may be best to leave it. After all, where REASON doubts, there is most probably an instinct that senses trouble.”

\\ Which, I have to remind you, only works mostly for me, when in doubt about things you aren’t in denial for. \\

Sometimes, I think about the risk; maybe sometimes it’s better safe than sorry.

Good luck. :)

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