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Why don't I ever get sick?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43079points) December 20th, 2011

I don’t wash my hands all the time, unless I’m handling food. I don’t avoid sick people. I could care less if the guy at the deli doesn’t change his gloves before he puts my meat on the sandwich. He could do it with his bare hand, I wouldn’t care. I avoid “sanitizing” hand cleaners and soaps and stuff. I figure hot water and dish soap will do the trick. I’ll eat something that fell on the floor. If a piece of silverware has a spot of something on it that the dishwasher didn’t get off, I’ll use it anyway. I don’t care if someone takes a sip of my coke using my same straw (that would usually be the kids,) or takes something off my plate for themselves (ditto.)

Sounds like a recipe for SICK, right? But I can not remember the last time I got sick! About 5 years ago a UTI knocked me flat on my back for two days, until I could go to the doctor, but that had nothing to do with “germ” prevention.

People around me will be dropping like flies with the flu, or whatever, and I’ll come through untouched.

Why is that?

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You have an enviable immune system.

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It’s precisely because you aren’t paranoid about germs, and that you do expose yourself to public germs more so than others, that your immune system is so much stronger than that of people who use anti-bacterial products and whatnot.

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I wondered about that @HungryGuy!

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My profoundly Jewish grandmother believed that you shouldn’t be foolish enough to speak of your good fortune, even when it relates to avoiding colds.

She used to say regularly, “Kein Ayin Hora.” That means “Protect me from the evil eye.”

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Do you take care of yourself? Exercise, vitamins, etc.?

I think @HungryGuy hit on it, you’ve probably exposed yourself all you life to germs and have immunities that keep anything from getting a start in your body.

I am pretty much the same way except for colds, which I pick up a couple times per year from my kids. But both kids and their mom and my girlfriend and a couple people at work have all gone through a bad cold in the last month, and I didn’t catch it, just made sure I was taking zinc and vitamin C.

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It sounds to me like you have a really good immune system because you’re not a germaphobe.

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Lucky you! You have a strong immune system!
Maybe you’ll live to be 117!
The woman who would not die!
I am sick right now with a nasty sinus infection, cold/flu…whatever, AND, I had a flu shot in October!

Bah Humbug!

Mmmm, Alka Seltzer Cold plus…some cocktail hour. Psht!
I’m about to go out and float face down in my simmering hot tub to hopefully deflate my face, then, pass out on the cold meds. Bonus…I’ve been having some wild fever dreams though! haha

Shit, at least my sense of humor is healthy!

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You’re an alien!!!

I envy you. I am always sick.

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We’ve got a house full of germbags right now, if you want to try to break your streak, you’re welcome to join us for dinner tomorrow. :)

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Do you drink a lot of orange juice? When I was on the meal plan in college I was averaging a quart of OJ a day and didn’t get sick unless I was home on breaks without my daily dose!

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Do you by chance eat a lot of garlic? Maybe onions and other allium family plants?

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Look at the heels of your feet. Maybe you were dipped at birth like Achilles. And, for sure, don’t cut your hair. You know what happened to Samson. If you say a prayer every day, don’t stop, ever. Don’t let your kids step on cracks in the sidewalk. And once you reach 80 years of age, go to bed. You’ll finally be sick. Meanwhile kick up your heels and don’t worry about it!

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I agree with @HungryGuy but a strong immune system is a must as well. My son is the same way and so his grandfather. Some people are lucky. Some are not. I use to get sick a lot as a child and for the last 10 years, I have been in reasonable good health compared to others my age. For me I know I seem to have great intestines. Milk is my only foe as far as that is concerned but I can be in a room with someone who has the stomach flu and everyone else will get it but me. If I do get it, then it will last me only a day. For everyone else it will last 3days to a week.
Now when it comes to head colds, that is a different story. If someone has one and gets close to me than I have about an 60 percent chance of catching it. Although sometimes I think it may be allergies since these colds come about during allergy season.
That could also be another reason. If you don’t suffer from allergies than your immune system isn’t constantly being compromised. Also anti-histamines suppress your immune system. So in avoiding hayfever, people make a nice and cozy spot for viruses to flourish.

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Do you eat your snot and/or ear wax? Disgusting, I know, but we have an instinct to do so, which has to be socialized out of children (with those on who the conditioning fails apparently growing up to be taxi drivers from all available evidence). The purpose of snot and ear wax is to trap germs and kill them. Ingesting the killed or dying germs gives our immune system a boost by giving it enough exposure to create targetted antibodies.

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@SmashTheState You are so gross. Of course I don’t.

No, I don’t eat a lot of onions and garlic. I don’t drink a lot of orange juice. I don’t cut my hair….until I’ve had at least 3 beers, so that must be what protects me from that!

Just lucky, I guess.

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I like you am not afraid of germs or anything. As @HungryGuy said, exposure builds your resistance. George Carlin sums it up nicely.

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Ironically I’ve noticed that after I worked in recycling plant my frequency between illnesses dropped drastically. I was always ill it seems as a kid but as I’ve gotten older this has become less frequent. I also juice fruits/vegetables and eat alot of tomato products so I’m not sure if this has helped. It has been a couple of years since I’ve been stricken with any type of illness regardless of being around sick people. . Every person is different according to how their bodies react to their enviroment and even stress can play a factor.

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It makes sense if you are more exposed to the environment the immune system will upload better protection. Those handy -wipe stations at the entries of shopping centers to clean off the handle bars of the shopping baskets… anyone really use those? I haven’t bothered with them yet.

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No. I don’t use any sanitary wipes.

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Kind of the same idea as constantly using antibiotics to the point they become useless. Anti bacterial soaps and lotions are for the germophobes, or possibly those with compromised immune systems.

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