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Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Asked by babybadger (1790points) December 20th, 2011

My mom found it on tv a few months ago and was telling me about how obsessed she was with it when she was younger, and now I’m in love with it. For those jellies who have seen it, what did you hate about it? What did you love? Who was your favorite/least favorite character? I can’t stand Brad.

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I actually have not. But I’m not a fan of musicals.

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I only recently saw it, it was recommended by a jelly, actually.. and I enjoyed it.

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Yes, it showed once a week at a theater near campus when I was at college. Meatloaf was my favorite character. I still have the costume I wore to the show in my closet.

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I’m the 70’s girl..we used to play along at the midnight movies waay back when. My daughter is 24 now and I let her watch it when she around 12 or so. It’s one of her favorite cult classics.

I got married at 21 and we played the soundtrack…time warping into the pool, it was a wild wedding! lol

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I love a young Susan Sarandon and the Time Warp.

The rest was iffy.

Frank-N-Furter was creeptastic.

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@Coloma You did the time warp?! That must have been awesome haha

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Nothing that I actually hated about it, but definitely loved the time warp scene. Favorite character… The good old mad transvestite doctor, he was hilarious!

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The parents were shocked…we were all doing the time warp and leaping into the pool. It was not a conservative wedding party! lol

Grandma was the coolest and she was 96. haha

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I think Brad in his up to the armpits underware is hilarious!
What a geek!
I love Rif Raff and Rocky and Janets fling…” toucha toucha touch meee, I wanna be dirrrrty, thrill me, chill me, fulfill meeee, creature oooof the niiiight…. :-D

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@Coloma I might just steal that if I ever get married! ;) and I lovveee that song too! The whole soundtrack is amazing :D

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mmmm Susan Sarandon mmmmmm

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I love Rocky Horror but I’ve never seen it in a theater for the full experience. I’ve always wanted to though.

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I saw it once when it had been out a while. I was high, so it seemed fun the way the crowd was participating

I saw it again at midnight one Saturday at the UC theater on University Ave. in Berkeley. There was a whole bunch of kids who acted it out in front of the screen. The whole thing seemed pretty silly, and their “acting” seemed more important than the movie, so one could not hear the movie.

It was fun one time, but it really is a pretty crappy movie and really not very funny on its own merits.

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Yes. It’s what kids in the 80’s also got to enjoy at the Midnight Movies.

Riff Raff was my favorite character.

Janet was my least favorite character.

The scene with Dr. Frankenfurter climbing the radio tower, crashing into the pool and him singing his “swan song” is my favorite.

My friends weren’t into the dress up participation scene though.

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My friends weren’t into the dress up participation scene though.

I think we threw some toast and talked back to the screen a bit.

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I have seen it AND performed it. The performing is so much more fun!

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Wow @KateTheGreat ! Who did you play?

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I love RHPC. I’ve never been to one of the shows at the movie theatre unfortunately, but I’ve watched it so many times at home. I used to know a few people who performed it regularly. Wish I went while they were still doing it. Janet annoys me, but I guess I like them all to some extent. Frank’s such a babe.

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You’re… a…. hotdog! I like Janet haha, but she turns so sleazy. Never would’ve expected that when I first saw it.

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@babybadger I played Columbia!

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I’m too old to stay up til midnight now, it’s a rarity…oh, to be in the bloom of youth again. I’ll have to have a happy brownie one of these days again soon and remember. lol

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It was great when it all began. I was a regular Frankie fan…
I remember going to the midnight showing on Saturday nights at the UC theater in Berkeley. It was sheer madness, with emphasis on the sheer.
I have it on DVD, but there is nothing like seeing it in a theater, with everyone dressed to play in front of the screen.

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Well the first time and last time I saw it was with an old girlfriend of mine 3 or 4 years ago. I had to endure most of the movie because she loved it so much and recited what seemed like almost every line and then would laugh. I did not find it to funny but I was not to interested in watching the movie at the time….

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I saw the Rocky Horror Show live when it debuted in the US at the Roxy Theater in LA. I’ve seen the movie now several times to take others who had never seen the original.

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I used to go to the midnite movies.
My name is Janet, so my fave part is Dammit it Janet, I love you

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Haha…perfect. Ya know, being named Janet is a dead give away you’re an old broad..I don’t think anyone has named a kid Janet in the last 50 something years at least. It’s right up there with Cindy. Old broad names these days. lolol ;-)

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I saw it when it came out I was 14 years old. It was a life changer at that age!

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How d’you do, I see you’ve met my faithful… handyman, he’s just a little brought down because when you knocked, he thought you were the… candyman.
Don’t get strung out by the way that I look, don’t judge a book by its cover
I’m not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I’m one hell of a lover

An older cousin took me when I was 12— full midnight, toast-throwing, screen-yelling, aisle-dancing experience! She also gave me her collectible RHPS book with photos, the script, lyrics, history of the show, etc.

I like Frankie, Eddie (hot patootie!), and Riff. Not too crazy about Janet or Dr. Scott.

I love most of the songs, each for different reasons!

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@linguaphile Here’s Tim Curry doing it live. I was in the first few rows of the audience, and in the version at the Roxy, he utterly blew us away!

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@ETpro Lucky you!! Wow. I’d have loved to see that show! Such an actor and character!

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@linguaphile The video doesn’t do it justice. It was just an overwhelming, all engrossing experience.

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I’ve never seen it and have never wanted to.

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I used to be an understudy and sometime-emergency performer of the Columbia and Magenta roles for a troupe that acted out the show onstage as the movie was playing, on Saturday nights back in the early-mid 90s.

I used to be a wild and untamed thing, in other words. ;)

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I was in college in the late 80’s. I was from small town America and had only heard about it, so when my roommate wanted to go, I was excited and went also. I’ve seen it about 30 times in the theatre, tried to watch it on video by myself (was disappointed!) after I graduated, and went to see a stage version (which I loved!) last month. Like @filmfann, I’m a “regular Frankie Fan,” I “love” Tim Curry! I should have guessed that I’d hate it when I saw it by myself, at home.

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I saw it when I was 9 with my 6 year old cousin. It was very odd, but I liked it. Frank-N-Ferter
looks exactly like my old 6th grade math teacher. So every time I see her I think “Frank-N-Ferter it’s all over…”.

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