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When you first try out Chrome here, in Fluther, and it starts correcting and suggesting every little thing - do you find yourself "adding to dictionary" a lot?

Asked by zensky (13418points) December 20th, 2011

Besides the obvious “lurve” – it wanted to correct the 10th (the th in December 10th – making it a capital TH) in fact – as I write this – it still won’t listen to me and get rid of the squiggly line.

I said “add to dictionary.”

Is there a feature that says “add to dictionary, and be a little more creative with words?”

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Yes, quite a bit. You an also import custom dictionary files.

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Show me please – ETpro – however, it’s a little challenging and fun, e.g., it corrected sheesh as I was writing something – and it doesn’t like heroe – I checked, Oxford says it’s cool – hero and heroe are both fine. And sheesh – come on. It is my way of saying shit when I’m in a good mood.

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I do that with many programs and items. My smartphone has_quite_ the dirty vocabulary; words that Apple won’t allow iPhones to learn.

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Heroe? Really?

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Yes… belive is spelled believe on Chrome… plus I don’t remember which words are Canadian and which words are American (colour and color for example).

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I’ve not noticed any of that.

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@dappled_leaves—Now you’ve made me retrace my search steps from a long time ago – and getting frustrated, as it is not a common nor used way of spelling, of course, or it’d have popped up in a search. It may have been a search to prove a point; similar to potato potatoe potatoes, tomato, tomatoe tomatoes (a la Dan Quayle)... perhaps because it is a long O sound, and in plural becomes either heros or heroes (this is a fact) I may have been mistaken with the singular.

If Jeruba or Gailcalled are around, dears; what is it called when you think the singular spelling of a word is heroe because the plural is heroes – and it’s a long “o” sound so it should get the “magic e”?

Also, see: héroe

Thanks, @dappled_leaves

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@zensky I;m more panicky about what;s happened to Jeruba that your wish to update Google Chrome’s spelling list. If you are running Win 7.Vista or Windows 2000, iot’s a simple ASCII text tile with one word per line, You;ll find it at C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

You;ll need Admin level access to futz with it.

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What happened to Jeruba? I’ve been away for over a week…. checking her profile…

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@zensky Good question. I miss her voice.

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She’s around, as there is always the handy date stamp… OH JERUUUUUUUUBA – we miss you. Speak up babes – you are the voice of sanity and reason here.

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