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Are you addicted to Fluther?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) May 17th, 2008

Or not? If yes, could it be anything on the computer?

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I am currently addicted to GTA 4

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Guilty of question 1, don’t understand question 2,

“If yes, could it be anything on the computer?”

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“Hi, my name is wildflower, and I’m a fluther-holic”

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Yes. And unfortunately, shrinks do not want to prescribe anti-fluther-essants. I am pretty sure Fluther has some type of incentive program for doctors to not prescribe these meds and keep us hooked on to this magnet of a site.

Maybe, instead of a jellyfish, their mascot should be an octopus!

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“Hi, my name is iWamoto and i pawned my daughter’s bike to stay on Fluther”

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I don’t have a problem! Just stay outta my business! I can control it!

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You forgot: “I can quit any time I want” :)

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Oh yeah, my bad. Add that there too! Lol! Nice catch wildflower. =)

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Thanks…..makes you wonder how it came to me so quickly…..

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you guys just don’t understand it, im not an addict, i can quit, i just don’t want to…NO! LET GO OF ME, LET GO!!!

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I just became a member, I’m working on it though.

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Welcome Magnus – and don’t worry, you’ll be hooked in no time :)

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Yep, and all I got was this awesome T-shirt!

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You mean there are things other than Fluther on the internet?

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I’ve heard rumors to that effect, Scamp. But I think they’re just fibs to lure us away from the collective!

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we are fluther, resistance is futile!

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@wildflower It must be propagnda. There’s no place like home!!

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I’m definitely addicted. When it comes to Fluther I have no control, but I’d rather have a Fluther addiction than a heroin/meth/crack addiction.

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@ Allie So very true!

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