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What are your experiences with a refurbished MacBook?

Asked by filmfann (44664points) December 21st, 2011

My wife needs a new computer, and she has seen my daughters MacBook. I know I can save a little money with getting a refurbished unit from Apple.
Any positive or negative experiences out there with this?

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They have the same warranty as a new one. All the refurbished stuff I have bought (which is a lot) looked brand new. They must put the guts into a new case. The only real difference seems to be the box it comes in.

I actually prefer the refurbished stuff. They do a lot more testing on them before shipping them out. None of the refubs I have bought broke. I can’t say the same for the new ones.

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Some of the refreshed items have never been used. Lets say I buy something and never use it but open the box. It can’t be sold as new. It gets tested and sold as refurbished. I would buy refurbished in a heartbeat.

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Factory refurbs are as good as new.

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