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What Champagne should I get?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) December 21st, 2011

My son finally closed on his first home purchase today. We want to toast to the new place with the traditional champagne. But neither my son nor my wife are drinkers. My iwfe will occasionally have some Jamapese Akadama Plum Wine, which to me is cloyingly sweet. My son rarely drinks anything alcoholic.,. And while I love good beer, dry or fruity white wines and full-boddied red wines, single-malt scotch, good bourbon and most mixed drinks, I don’t really like champagne all that much.

So since the 3 of us are resolved that Christmas and a first home demand we lift a small glass of champagne, but none of us love the stuff or want to drop $150 or more on a really fine vintage appellation Champagne, what should I pick up for the occasion? My son and wife both like sweet, fruity tasting drinks that are carbonated. Is there a sweet bubbly that hides the alcohol taste well?

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Martini and Rossi I like this and it’s under 20 bucks and sweet and bubbly.

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Freixenet is pretty good.

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Had “veuve clicquot rose” at Pomodoro restaurant in San Diego. Was pretty fantastic.

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Get Fred Sanford’s Champipple.

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A really beautiful Moscato d’Asti will be very sweet with some very light sparkle (we say petilant, or fizzy). There are some very good ones with flavors of stone fruits and white flowers. It won’t have a typical caged cork, but instead will have a regular cork, so some of the romance of opening (pop) won’t be there, but it will certainly taste like what you are looking for. You can expect to spend $15–30 for a good cuveĆ©. Congrats.

It’s sweet because they stop the fermentation while there’s a good deal of residual sugar left, so it will be low in alcohol as well.

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Actual champagne, proper, from the Champagne region of France? Veuve Clicquot. Sparkling white wine, that isn’t nessecarily from the Champagne region of France (thus not technically champagne), and comes in a much cheaper price range? I like Mionetto Prosecco (prosecco being from Italy’s Veneto region), and Korbel (from Napa, not proper champagne) is also quite good.

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Asti Spumanti is an Italian champagne that is sweeter and softer than French champagne and not as expensive. The bubbles are gentler and I much prefer its taste.

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@chyna Thanks..I’ve had it, It is pretty decent tasting, but I don’t thin it would pass muster with my two finicky family members. This really isnt an easy assignment, as each of us have wildly different tastes.

@everephebe Good choice, and just as above, while I can dirnk it, they won’t.

@whitetigress & @WestRiverrat Those I do not know. Thanks for the suggestions. I will research it. Believe me, I am looking forward to the research. :-)

@zigmund That would probably be a success in their taste department, but I think they really want the whole ritual that goes with the caged cork and the resounding POP! Maybe I can find one that marries the best of both worlds. Thanks.

@Aethelflaed I could care less about the appellation, and my wife and son (who are actually the people I;m trying to please her, haven’t a clue what the word even means. But I am very familiar with Korbel and if it is anything like Mionetto Prosecco they wouldn’t take well to either.

@Sunny2 Great idea., I know it. It’s not to my taste. There are some very expensive true Champagnes that I love. But this is ont that I think my wife and son might tolerate as well. THanks for reminding me.

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There is a nomenclature for discovering the sweetness of sparkling wines (made in the traditional method). Look for the word “doux” or “Demi sec” on the label.

This page has a chart (scroll down) which maps out the sweetness terms.

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@zigmund Thanks. Very helpful.

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POP Champagne is classy and notable for many characteristics. It is not cheap and it is not expensive. If they happen to be Champagne drinkers then they will appreciate this.

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Eric Bordelet makes some really elegant pear and apple ciders that are off dry (sweet) and wonderful. They might be hard to find, however depending on your market. They are caged and corked.

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Since it sounds like you can’t win so why not get a bottle of Cook’s for seven bucks at 7/11? Take a few sips and use the money you saved and take everyone out for a nice dinner that everyone can enjoy.

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Try Cold Duck I think Andre is the bottler. It is a blush colored bubbly wine mix.

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Ick….I might as well say Korbel :p…..This is a special event…..go for Krystal.

I do not like prosecco.

Congrats on the home!!!

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@judochop As noted in the OP, they are not champagne drinkers.

@zigmund That sounds like what the doctor ordered. I can probably find it woimewhere in Boston.

@johnpowell That may yet prove to be the best strategy.

@Tropical_Willie What does it taste like?

@jazmina88 Thanks.

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