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I bought a license for iWork on eBay. My copy displays as "Volume License." Is this legal?"?

Asked by marmoset (1311points) December 21st, 2011

I am assuming the seller has a volume license and is selling serial numbers to strangers on eBay. Is there any legal issue with this practice, or is it legit? The entire procedure: I paid for a “download” of iWork in the ebay auction; seller instructed me to download trial of iWork and use the serial they provided; after entering serial, my copy of iWork now displays “volume license” in its About dialog.

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It is not legal. Most likely they just Googled a SN and sold that to you. A volume license is for a office or school.

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Shouldn’t you have checked this first? Escpecially when buying software. Well, sucks for you but nope.

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There is not a way to check beforehand. The item offered for purchase was a “download of iWork.”

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Given that it’s not legit, the question becomes whether to use ebay’s “resolve a problem” function for this auction, or report illegal activity to ebay/paypal. Who has had experience and can recommend one or the other of these? Thank you.

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I would go with the report illegal activity. I would also contact Apple and explain the situation to them. If someone is selling access to a multilicense they bought it could end up that apple will reward you for helping catch someone violating the terms of service of their license.

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