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Which works better for selling on ebay, "buy it now" or accepting bids?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) May 18th, 2008

When you are selling something on ebay, do you find you are more successful taking bids with a reserve, or posting the item as a “buy it now?”

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I’ve never had any luck with buy it now… I always start my auctions at .99 and I always make out well

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I agree with Fallstand, accepting bids is much better for it gives people the false sense that they can get the item for a bargain. Once the bets start rolling it’s a done deal. You end up making more sales in less time, thereby making more money.

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Never had much luck with reserves. It turns a lot of buyers off. If you opt to use it though, it never hurts to be upfront and list the reserve in your item description. Many sellers use it this way – it keeps interested buyers from losing out when they’ve come close. People understand why it’s used and are more likely to bid when they know the reserve price.

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I agree with all of the above! I’ve only sold about a dozen items on eBay, but I’ve experienced the same trends. Start with a low initial price, no reserve, and design your auction well! My experience has been that the quality of the photos (and accompanying text) have more to do with the final sale price than the method of sale. Present yourself as a developed human being, take pleasing and accurate photos, respond promptly and kindly, and you’re set.

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