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Who will be the next big thing on Fluther?

Asked by shrubbery (10232points) May 18th, 2008

You have your favourites (as discussed here and here), but have you noticed a newbie on their way to becoming say the next gailcalled? (not that she’s going anywhere any time soon I hope!)

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I don’t know about points but I quite like the little character that is Babo. The avatar and the third-person references do it for me.

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hmmm, i don’t like to be number one, but i’d like to be a gladly seen guest on fluther, and well, i think im on my way of becomming one, right?

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I second iwamoto’s answer.

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I like to be known here at fluther. But I don’t want to be #1, that would be too much pressure.

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This is actually my 3rd attempt at answering this question.

In my 1st attempt I was going to mention some of my favorite jellies and the reasons why, but that got too long.

My 2nd attempt was to just mention all the jellies that I enjoy reading Q’s and A’s from, but even that got too long….....

So now, I’m gonna go with: Different Horses (or jellies) for Different Courses. Some are incredibly resourceful, some are insightful, others have incredible sense of humour…..That really is as much as I can narrow it down.

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this is so not what fluther is about, at least for me. The idea of people being “big things on fluther” detracts greatly from the idea of a collective (although there are some jellies I particularly love)

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I’m going to invent Fluther edible underpants. I’m pretty sure that will make me very popular.

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That would be me

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Donovan5678910 is the next superstar on fluther!

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“The next gallcalled” implies that there is a “late gailcalled”? And dear me, the “big thing”? I am no slender reed but pass as normal-sized.

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When bulbatron9’s baby arrives?
I can’t wait to read his new questions…

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Don’t forget that Ketoneus’s wife is also going to have a baby.

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Babo happy!!!

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Sorry gailcalled, I did say that I hope you’re not going anywhere, and I meant no offence by “big thing”, just that you’re definately the favourite around here :)

and sorry erzaglenn, I definately see your point but there are people everyone hopes to get an answer from so I was just wondering if there was an up and coming one of those.

Sorry guys, it was just a random thought and I probably should have just left it at that :P

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@shrubbery; No offense taken at all. I was using a lighthearted tone that didn’t come thru (and I hate “lol”). I thought it was funny, and as you know, I am a wordsmith

(Speaking of which – sorry, Glial – it’s definitely – the number one misspelled word in English, I think.)

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Like @ezraglen, I think the power of this site is the community that is tapped. (@wildflower) some perhaps eloquent, some funny, some insightful, some off the wall, etc. but the fun of this is in the group of jellyfish that we are.

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Wow, unexpectedly clique-y.

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If you were talking about my response, I meant it to be inclusive. The opposite of clique-y.

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I think every jelly has such character on here! I can’t just pick one.

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Part of what I love so much about Fluther is that we have so many different personalities blended to make on big happy family. Like TheHaight, I just couldn’t choose only one!

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I agree with mcbealer. When bulbatron9’s baby arrives, TheHaight, Delirium, and wildflower will give insightful advice. johnpowell and uberbatman will disgree, yet give equally useful advice. psyla will make useless comments & lead everyone off topic. johnpowell will become enraged at psyla’s remarks and have his ensuing comments censored by moderators. But in the end, peedub’s arcane comments will provide great insight. Fluther moderators will declare that Fluther has become a monarchy. peedub will be declared Czar of Fluther.

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and i end up stating “new born baby’s, that’s just junk, when you put it upright it falls over, they don’t even build it that bad in china” and getting the women on my ass scolding me for my insults on newborns and their wombs, it will be great :D

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But where do the beaked aliens and stuffed parrots fit in to this plan of yours?

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After the monarchy is established, peedub’s first official declaration as Czar will be to replace the Fluther Jellyfish with a beaked alien holding a stuffed parrot. All Fluther icons will be required to be unsettling close-up images of beaks.

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hahaha…..and you will of course be the court jester?

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i wonder what role i will fulfill in all of this, any suggestions?

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Comic relief and a reminder that we all love macs?

I think my role will have to be weeding and mowing the royal gardens (just hope there’s no rabbit problems)

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hey, that’s my job description, along with selling and fixing macs, seriously, im the one who cheers up the rest @ work, so yeah, i could do that, and of course make perverted comments, you know how i love making people feel a bit uncomfortable with their sexual feelings

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lol – yea, I’ve picked up on that…

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wildflower will attain a position in the Czar’s court as moderator of drunken participants. bulbatron9 will harangue psyla for suggesting bagpipe lessons for bulbatron9’s child. bulbatron9 & psyla will start drinking & Delirium will correct their grammar. psyla will be elected to the position of Buffoon. When iwamoto suggests using a pipe bomb to kill the monsters under the bed of bulbatron9’s child’s bed, iwamoto will become Chief Advisor to the Czar.

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So, I’m gonna be the bouncer when the scalmaris are a bit plentiful?? oh yaay….

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The Court position of Moderator of Drunken Participants requires that you decree what alcoholic beverages are mandatory to be consumed if one is to drink while giving advice on Fluther.

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well, i’m glad i don’t drink, i mean, i don’t want to get manhandled by wildflower, i’m way too fragile

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Court decorum suggests that the Moderator of Drunken Participants can verbally manhandle the Chief Advisor to the Czar only when the Buffoon is present.

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So for the most part, I get to manhandle at will? The job is looking better….still think it’s kinda dull, but I can see ways to amuse myself with the liberties that come with the role…

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The Moderator of Drunken Participants becomes so successful in mandating Scalmaris, that wildflower ascends to the position of Minister of Backyard Beaked Aliens.

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Ah! A job with progression opportunities! Now I’m on board :)

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With wildflower’s promotion the stock market commodity value of octopus declines as Scalmaris are no longer mandatory. Octopus overpopulation ensues and shellfish prices increase as Octopi consume shellfish seed beds. Vodka sales plummet, causing a high rate of alcoholism in the Fluther community. bulbatron9 and johnpowel plot to overthrow the Czar. Several Fluther moderators are bribed with stuffed parrots and the Czar is chastised publicly by Moderators for being off-topic. Moderators deliver the final insult to the Czar by suggesting he take his off-topic ramblings to the inaccessable Fluther Chatroom. The Czar is then kidnapped and locked away in the Chatroom and an Inquisition hunts for his heir. Uberbatman instigates an uprising and seizes the throne under the auspices of “Greek God”. psyla is required to make all posts in Cyrillic lettering. wildflower denounces the existence of Beaked Aliens and is spared. Delirium continues to correct johnpowel’s grammar until cheebdragon makes an insightful comment that causes Delirium to have a spiritual awakening. Delirium begins to espouse casual grammar as bulbatron9’s child opens a Fluther account. bulbatron9’s child eventually hacks the Fluther server and frees peedub from the Chatroom. peedub begins providing arcane wisdom in strategic strikes and his true identity as Deposed Czar remains hidden.

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oh great, now I’m a traitor!
I think you’re well on your way to write the sequel to the Fluther story

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psyla chuckles in Cyrillic characters and achieves a post in the new regime as the Lesser Inquisitor. psyla declares that wildflower is not a traitor and is still aligned with the Deposed Czar. psyla’s sanity is, again, questioned. peedub masterminds a coup by working with iwamoto who distracts uberbatman with questions about the effect of pipe bombs on rabbit holes. johnpowell is enraged as discussions become chaotic and off-topic. Moderators are influenced by TheHaight’s reponse to this anger and dismantle the monarchy. Beaked alien icons become illegal and the Fluther Jellyfish symbol appears once again.

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wildflower denounces her newfound success, returns to her role as moderator of drunken participants and drowns psyla’s chuckling with a double scalmari, heavy on the squid for extra chewiness.

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I’m gonna stop following this…

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This was hysterical & further illustrates that we all make fluther great!!

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yes, we make fluther, we are fluther, and if you’re yahoo! answers we’ll find you, and we will cut you, and you’ll hate yourself for making the wrong choices in life, finish college at age 32, and become succesfull in life, and you’ll thank fluther for it

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Haha, I woke up this morning and read this and knew my day was going to be okay!!! Psyla you are one crazy MoFo!

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like this is American idol or something?

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You’ve got my vote, TheHaight!

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Oi Psyla! Are you breaking our pact?? .

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It’s wildflower! No, course I would never break our pact. Come over to “What should I name my new rabbit-hunting Dashund”.

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save the bunnys Psyla.!

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wait, I wanna play!!!!!! What can I be?????

huh? huh?

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I’m sad…no one mentioned my name =(

edit: crap, just realized it was asked in May…I wasn’t a member then :p

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With 42 points in a few hours..geez I have a way to go..but the concept is intriguing. And I have no idea how I linked to this site..(must backtrack)...

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Jeruba is already the biggest thing. * sigh *

Ratboy always makes me laugh.

Where would we be without Augustlan’s guidance?

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sigh I’ve only been here 3 weeks and already I am hearing about cliques and popularity contests

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This thread is old. The start date is May ‘08, which if I am not mistaken is not that long after the site came into existence. Point being, the members may have known each other better than the average current member knows another current member. When there are fewer people in a group, it’s only natural that they would have more contact with each other than they would in a larger group, thus forming strong(er) friendships more quickly. Theoretically. From that perspective I think the question was meant to be a lot more lighthearted than it sounds. Also, if you read through each answer you’ll notice plenty of people objecting to the question, so even when there were less members, there were still those sticks in the mud that didn’t want to be clique-y, just on principle. I think.

I didn’t join til over a year after this thread began, so I’m mostly guessing. It sounds plausible though.

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I agree with ^.

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(It’s weird to see the posts from two years ago, before I even heard of this place. Zen Again is about to hit 10,000. It’s weird to see people I’ve never seen before, but who were obviously a strong part of the community at that time.)

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I’m with @TheHaight

We are all snowflakes, of course some are made of yellow snow…but alas, it’s a colorful snowman we make.

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After reading all those Answers, what was the Question, again?

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Haha, it was very interesting to peek at this question about “who will be the next big thing?” and to note that out of all the comments, I only recognize 4 of the posters. Interesting.

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Aha! this was one of my questions today, Is fluther lurve a popularity contest? It may have just been answered with this Q&A.

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If anything actually works properly in this world, the answer is, Vikings.

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