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If you were made supreme ruler of the planet, what are the first three things you would change?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) May 18th, 2008

You have unlimited power to rule. How are you going to make the world a better place?

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i think i’d clean out a small country, and make it a volunteer marxist state, and let the rest become history

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I’ll have to give some thought yo my second and third moves, but I know my first, because I have been planning it for years: I would issue a royal Queen of the World decree that all of the ATM point of sale units at grocery stores, gas stations, etc. had to function the same way (same angle of card swipe) and have the buttons in the same place. Being a benevolent ruler, I would let the finance freaks figure out which they wanted to use, but they would all have to work in one uniform way!

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#1: Disconnect religion and politics/government.
#2 and 3: TBC

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Big spaceships. Complete evacuation of humans from Earth. Genetically modified dogs that don’t shed.

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@paulc Would you go with the humans or stay with the dogs?

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@Marina, I’d have to go with the humans as I belong to them, unwillingly, as a species. The dogs would be companions on our evacuation. Could you imagine big spaceships covered in dog hair after 30 years of travel? See I’m thinking ahead of the curve here.

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BTW, where are we going? I am always up for an interesting trip. And I’m glad the dogs are coming. I probably wouldn’t leave without them!

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I’d convert charts into the new billboard 100 charts.

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First, I would change the programming in people’s brain not to want to amass huge power and control of the world. Whatever is left, they can still have all the freedoms they desire, except to choose same sex relationships.
Second, I would set up a plan to find a way to create unlimited resources for us to enjoy, but without becoming polluted.
Third, I would set up rules and regulations for independent community based governments across the world, all governed by one world government with representatives from all communities so everybody’s needs are covered. Compassionate Capitalism and free enterprise will the foundation of this government.
@wildflower I would take your suggestion as part of this plan.

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Some of these answers make me glad there is no supreme ruler.

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Appreciate that. By the way, why would you not allow people to chose same-sex relationships and how (this really baffles me) would ‘compassionate capitalism’ work??

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To allow same sex relationships will lead us to no procreation, population slump…well I guess we have to curb birthrates as well. Compassionate Capitalism fall in the area where everybody will have a chance to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue. Don’t let just the big guys do well in business, but help those new businesses as well so that they also have a chance to make it big. There are many people who just wish to have an opportunity to get started, but have no chance, so they just give up their dreams.

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Who says all ‘hetero’ relationships will end in procreation? And besides, since you’re ruling the whole world, why not just balance out the areas that have opposite problems with population/procreation ?

I suspect you’ll have a challenge in governing this compassionate capitalism – what if what someone wants is to start a monopoly, or even world-domination?

I suppose as a dream or ideal, it’s not bad, but realistically, once you open the floodgates for greed…..

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I would first make Hummers and all cars that get less than 15MPG illegal, put hybrids into high production, and settle all this fighting thats going on.

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@wildflower If u read my first statement, there will be no such monopolies or world dominations, that would have been taken care of to begin with. Do you agree with the term “technology will lead to self destruction”? This will also be taken care under Compassionate Capitalism rules. I agree that greed also leads to self destruction, so this would have to be addressed in our next convention, huh!

@xxporkxsodaxx Hybrids is the short term solution to our problem. The long term solution to create renewable sources of energy. Hydrogen fuel for vehicles would a much better option and use petroleum as a back up rather than the main resource for transportation.

Although we still have a lot of research to be done to create reliable sources of energy non-petroleum dependent, if we would have started earlier we would have been much ahead by now.

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No worries – I know this isn’t meant to be realistic plans. Just find it very contradictory, that’s all. And for a moment I was afraid your ‘turn the world hetero’ idea was for religious reasons, which would contradict incorporating my strategy :)

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It would be flexible, have centimeters, mm, inches and pixels and would be foldable.

Oh, that’s not what you mean? Sorry! :)

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It would be mighty cool if the Supreme Ruler made it possible for dogs and humans to communicate back and forth with spoken language.

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@mcbealer I gave you a great answer on that last post, because I love the concept, but I assumed we were talking supreme ruler, but human here. Even if you could rule the world, you woldn’t have the power to make your suggestion a reality (more’s the pity!).

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@ Marina ~ yeah, guess you have a point there.

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Meatless Mondays
Naked Tuesdays
Free Hug Fridays

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All This talk of dogs. Doesn’t the Supreme Ruler like cats? :-)

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yeah, S.P.E.C.T.R.E will rule the world, mwuhahaha

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@iwamoto Excellent evil laugh for a supreme ruler.

@Adina1968 The supreme ruler may be a cat—at least in the cat’s own mind.

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So are you saying?
“To allow same sex relationships will lead us to no procreation, population slump…well I guess we have to curb birthrates as well.”

So the only reason you are straight is because marriage to a same sex partner isn’t sanctioned by the state. Gotcha..

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@johnpowell If you wanna get into the nitty gritty of the reason why I am straight that would be another subject in itself. Go ahead and post a question so we get into the real deal. I am open for discussion.

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“Whatever is left, they can still have all the freedoms they desire, except to choose same sex relationships.”

Honestly, who cares what kind of relationship other people choose? Why concern yourself?

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@nikipedia You got a point there

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l. First, kill all the lawyers.
2. Second, give everyone free marijuana/encourage smokeless ingestion through
clever ad campaigns and great tv shows showing how to cook great meals
laced with dope from soup to nuts.
3. Third, require parenthood licenses, and teach children from the age of 1 how
to “be gentle” to littler people, animals, and little plants.

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1) Improve education for women in all developing countries.
3) Profit.

But seriously, education for women around the world is the most important thing in my eyes.

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All large organizations (corporations, legal systems, and governments) must re-define their charters, laws and constitutions to support three core principles.

1) The first principle is to support the survival of other species and wild habitats as equally important to human survival.

2) The second is to cause no harm or suffering to animals or people.

3) The third is to uphold animal and individual (not corporate) human rights such as freedom, privacy, free expression, and the right to basic needs.

All organizations should serve a purpose that benefits the world, and not just the organization itself. Naturally, organizations are not allowed to have goals of unlimited growth, consumption or accumulation of any finite resource (including information and so-called “intellectual property”).

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@Zaku How do you propose to accomplish these principles? Your plans seems to complement mine…........of course there are differences

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@edmartin101 – Well all of those organizations do what they do as a result of their people and their rules, customs, and conversations. So what’s to be done is to transform those, by taking apart what’s there now and building something new. As supreme ultimate ruler that might be done more quickly, but either way it’s done mostly in (atypical) human language, talking about how it is now and the costs and effects of that, and then talking about the possibility of it becoming something new and better.

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