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What is the name of this part of a cut of beef. (Details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21866points) December 22nd, 2011

I just purchased a “Rib Grilling Steak- Cap Removed” and I would like to know what is the name of the part of this cut that is on the outside edge of the cut? The part that can easily be removed from the main cut. I love that part and I would like the name of the part.

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Here’s a chart Beef Chart Oh like the fatty part?

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@whitetigress Yes… the best tasting part, but It’s not completely fat… it is the tender part of the Rib Steak… that when cooked can be segmented off with minimal effort and eaten… I like eating that part more than the rest of the cut. I would like to know the name of the part so I can ask my butcher for that specific part of the cut.

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ahh! I love that part. I actually like my fat and that part a little on the burnt side when bbq’d! yikes

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This is what you would have if the rib cap hadn’t been removed but I’m not sure what a “Rib Grilling Steak- Cap Removed” is exactly; I’ve never heard that. Did you buy it a butcher shop rather than the grocery? I’m wondering if it’s another term for a rib eye.

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@lillycoyote It’s a grocery store..that has its’ own meat department…It’s most likely rib eye…thank you.

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@talljasperman I love rib eyes, those or a nice porterhouse are my favorite cuts. Yum!! I’ve just never heard the term. Maybe next time you’re in the store you could ask the butcher in the meat department. He would have a definitive answer. I would love to try the cap sometime though. It must really be something. But even at $40 or so a pound, it’s a little out of my price range, even as a special treat. :-)

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Back in NY they used to call the cap the “Deckel”. I don’t know if this is a Yiddish word or of some other derivation.


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