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Do you give people a GA just because they answered your question?

Asked by fizzbanger (2765points) December 23rd, 2011

Is it standard Fluther etiquette for a question asker to give each person that answers it an appreciative GA simply for responding without being a douchebag? Or should asker-given GAs be reserved for answers that are outstanding or helpful?

(Or are GAs just a way to high-five your buddies?)

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I’m a bit more generous when it’s my question, but it has to at least answer it and/or humor me.

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I give a GA for a great answer.

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I give everybody a GA who was even in the ballpark on my questions. If something was nasty towards me or the question I won’t right away. I will not let anybody go 24 hours at zero GAs.

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I give GAs for answers that improve my knowledge in a useful and/or insightful way. It’s a pretty high standard.

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I will if they were helpful or gave an answer that I found funny. But no, I don’t give everyone that answers my question a GA.

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Normally I reserve my GAs for answers that really strike me, but when I ask for personal advice I feel very appreciative when jellies take the time to help me out and it’s GAs all around.

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I give one as long as the answer isn’t stupid.

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On my own questions, I always give them a GA. They took the time to answer it. On other threads though, I give GA’s if I like the answer, ie. It’s helpful, funny or just downright random.
Don’t forget the lurve threads and the parties!

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I’m pretty generous with my GA’s, I also like to be giving towards newcomers, as long as their answers are helpful, creative, humorous, relevent.
I like to give ‘em a lurve boost to encourage more participation. :-)

I also am able to give GA’s to the few rare birds that I dislike, even if I do not care for them on a “personal” basis, I can remain unbiased.

An exercise in humility even if rational discussion with them is an exercise in futility. lol

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No. I am selective and demanding.

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I do if the post isn’t deliberately stupid or mean. I’m glad they took the time to answer my Q.

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If their response is reasonable or especially funny, I do.

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@marinelife:That’s a much nicer paraphrase of “selective and demanding.”

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We need a LA (Lame Answer) button.

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I do 80–90% of the time, with the proviso it’s not humorless tomfoolery.

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I tend to be somewhat stingy with my lurve because I really want it to mean something. I do not automatically GA an answer to any question I’ve asked. I lurve the responses that are worthy of lurve.

@erichw1504 I ran a board for a while where smiting a participant was an option. I was amazed by how closely people tracked their “karma” points and noticed every time they went down. I personally found it kind of amusing and always laughed to myself when I was smote but you would not believe how many flame wars that smite button caused!

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@SuperMouse : I’d believe it, just recently here a user believed s/he was being ganged up on because another user got a lot of GAs. It was very odd.

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I usually give a GA to everyone who answers one of my questions (unless their answer is totally obnoxious and/or blatantly incorrect).

I also give GAs to answers to other questions that are, indeed, great answers.

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Yeah, unless of course you happen to be a world class head of a dick.

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@ucme hey now, I resemble that remark! I so do not lurve every single answer and I am so not the head of a phallus!

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Come,come now madame @SuperMouse you sell yourself short ;¬}
What I meant was, every answer on a thread of mine will be given “lurve” by my good self, save for those, well…....dickish ones.

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I do. Unless the answer is offensive or pure drivel.

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If they’re genuinely trying to be helpful – whether they succeed or not -, I usually do (sometimes I forget.) But GAs are yours to give, however you see fit. There’s no rule about it or anything. :)

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Every once in a while, yes.

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I give everyone that answers my questions a GA, even if they are being a jerk.

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If people answer my questions and their responses are on-topic or amuse me, I give a GA. If they are nasty or totally off-topic, no. Most people do get a GA though.

I have noticed quite a few questions recently where there have been fantastic answers before mine but no GAs at all. I like to see people being rewarded for the effort they put in if their response is good.

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I always give @chyna a GA just cuz she’s such a cutie-patootie.

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It depends on whether the question was serious or not. I do try to be careful giving out lurve because I don’t like to waste it on any answer that I agree with since you are limited to 100 lurve per user (I think). I’m more likely to give out universal GA’s on a less serious question, unless the person is attacking my question when they just could have ignored it.

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I give out Lurve liberally so long as answers to my question actually are helpful and are not abusive or insulting. I will pass on answers I think are not correct answers to the question, as giving out GA points might make a wrong answer appear to be correct. That was the issue that led me to leave Yahoo! Answers. Too much BS got voted up to the #1 answer and drownded out rational answers to the question.

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For the most part, I do.

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With only 100 life time lurve to give, I have restricted my GQ, and GA to something really profound, logical and or substantive.

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@Hypocrisy_Central The lifetime limit is a good ppoint. I wish we had an annual limit, but would get a recharge at midnight on New Year’s Eve and have fresh Lurve to distribute for the new year.

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Only if it’s a lurve-party question. :\

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@ETpro I can go for that!

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I always do. For me, the lurve limit is no problem. I like people to know that they had a great answer, regardless of whether they recieve the lurve or not. And I’ve never gotten a douchy answer on one of my questions. Maybe I’m just lucky.

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@TheIntern55 : Crap, that sounds like a challenge. Now I want to go and be douchy on a Q of yours… Naaaah. Maybe next year. ;-)

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Well, I don’t ask questions too often, so maybe you’ll forget by then;)

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Or maybe I’ll for…wait…what?...

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No. I give a GA if I think the answers deserves a GA whether I agree with the content or not. I don’t like to give GA’s out just because someone answers my question because then I will max out on people quicker.

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I give GA’s for those who respond without being a douchebag. I have zero tolerance for assholes.

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Yes. I am pretty lucky, though, as I don’t remember ever being offended by any answers I’ve gotten in any of my threads on here.

Anyway, what’s this about maxing out GAs? I didn’t know that. o_O

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@AnonymousGirl You can give anybody all of the great answer/question votes that you like. However the amount of lurve (points) that a single user on here can get from your GA/GQ votes is limited to 100 (I think). Beyond a user receiving 100 lurve from you your GA/GQ votes will not add any more lurve to their overall lurve score.

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Oh, okay. That makes sense. It also sounds like a good way to control excessive favouritism. Thank you for explaining. :)

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