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Is it possible to replace a stove burner with a different size?

Asked by kutterkan (1points) May 18th, 2008

I have a new GE range. All of the four stove burners are the same size (medium). I would like to have a small burner. Is it possible to swap out the burner and if so where would I find that part?

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This is the GE Repair Clinic contact information and toll-free number. I think if you called them they could probably answer your question. If it is possible, they also sell GE parts.

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Do it fast however. GE is going out of the appliance biz, I believe. (Check drop in common stock this week.) I am in the same boat – w.a new GE range, but it came with a Papa burner, two Mama burners, and a baby burner.

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First, I would look at all possible options I have to accomplish what I want. I would say that is doable to get a small burner in your new range but you would have to replace the whole cover to start with so you can accommodate your small burner. I am sure GE will have the parts. Even when GE finally gets out of this business, there will still be a supplier who will follow up on GE’s previous business. If you got this range not too long ago, with some money down you might be able to change the range for a new one with the burners you so desire.

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