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Can you help me find a particular piece of music?

Asked by rojo (21758points) December 23rd, 2011

Several years ago I heard a piece on NPR (probably Performance Today) where someone had combined “Ave Maria” and “Addagio for Strings”. It was a haunting performance but I have not been able to relocate it. I looked on the PT website with no success, I am not even sure if this is where I heard it but thought I would check. Is anyone familiar with this piece or have any idea where and/or how to find a version?

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For sure it was combined? Not transitioned into Adagio? I believe they are in the same key and it would be easy to transition into it. Good luck.

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That’s called a mashup or mash-up. Try including “mash-up” in your internet search.

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@marinelife No, that wasn’t it but thanks, I enjoyed it.
@whitetigress I believe it was a mash-up and thanks.
@Gabby101 I appreciate this info. I did not know this and am using the term now. No luck so far but….

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