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Will paper mache be fine left in below zero weather?

Asked by the_overthinker (1527points) December 23rd, 2011

Recently the weather has been around -10 or so. If paper mache were to be left outside, will it be fine? Just want some reassurances

Let’s say, a paper mache piggy bank was left in a mail box, will it freeze and then become soggy after it is returned to room temperature? Let’s also assume the time the paper mache is left inside the mail box is unknown…So, would you risk it? Is there even a risk of damage to the paper mache project?

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Meh. It’s probably fine.

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Once the moisture is gone, sub-freezing weather won’t affect it.

You did let it dry completely first, right?

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As long as it’s completely dry, it’ll probably be okay.

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just so it doesnt get snowed on….and get wet.

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Why wouldn’t you leave it inside? It’s not like it gives off fumes.

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As papier mache dries out, it crumbles. Normally this takes years or even decades, but if it’s subjected to extreme cold, I imagine this would speed up the process. If there’s a protective coating of some sort it would probably be safe from sublimation, but it might crack due to the expansion and contraction of the water in the fibres.

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I think it might depend on the kind of glue that was used. Sorry to say, I wouldn’t count on it surviving.

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