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What is scope of operations research? (See details below)

Asked by prasad (3859points) December 23rd, 2011

Operations Research (OR) is mathematical science that can be applied to solve optimization problems in manufacturing, service and other industries.

I am considering to study OR, possibly masters. What do you think or know about the scope of OR in near future? long term? Is it viable?

What kind of jobs are there? research oriented? Is it easy to get a job in OR field?

Regarding me, I have already a masters in Industrial engineering (so I know OR at least); and want to further my knowledge of OR. Where to study it? another problem, but I will look at it afterwards.

Do you know any good universities around you or anywhere in the world that are good for OR? Please suggest names, I want to look at their curriculum. Because then I will be able to compare it with what is offered here in India, and decide afterwards. Cost is also another hurdle I have to look for then.

Thanks in advance.

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Check into “Organizational Development.”

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@captainharley Not the same, by a wide margin.

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I’d think anywhere they have strong math and business progams… MIT, UCBerkley, Stanford, UCLA, University of Chicago all come to mind.

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I know that. Organizational Development grew out of operations research and isn’t engineering focused, but is a much faster-growing discipline. Those who become experts in this field can almost name their price.

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Why not have him become a layer who argues cases in front of the Supreme Court? OD has no math, obviously his interest.

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Organizational Development is traditionally a Human Resource function, and like most HR roles, is underappreciated from a corporate point of view.

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LOL @Gabby101

Yes, OD was a part of my MA.

I was a compensation analyst for GE at that time.

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@CaptainHarley Thanks for suggesting organizational development. In fact, I studied it under organizational behavior. As Industrial engineers often suggest or bring about (small or radical) changes within an organization, it might be required. But, I am looking for quantitative or analytical field that I would like to work in.
@6rant6 Thanks a lot. I will take another look at university ranking list later. I was also told operations research analysts require computer science knowledge. Now, I see it there.
@Gabby101 Yes, Many MBA HR curricula have it.

Here, I googled about employment in OR. And, this looks informative. What I am thinking is, studying OR for two years, then work for 2–3 years (if I study abroad), and then return back home. Work experience there should help me find good employment back in India. Working there, I have another intention, to clear any educational loan if it is required (because it takes many years in India to do so, half of my life or so).

Can you tell me where can I look for scholarships (this would be too early to ask this question, but I need to think about it later)? And, are there any other ways to fund my education (besides myself or my parents)?

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