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What should I do with these book dust jackets?

Asked by augustlan (47711points) December 24th, 2011

Whenever I get a hardback book that comes with a dust jacket, I remove it and set it aside. They just get in my way while I’m reading, and afterward, I prefer the look of jacket-less books on my bookshelves.

There are quite a few of these things hanging around my house at this point. On the one hand, I feel too guilty to just throw them away, but on the other hand… what the heck can I do with them? Some have decent art or typography, others are pretty boring. Got any creative ideas, jellies?

Bonus question: Does anyone else do this with dust jackets, or am I just weird? Well, weirder.

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You could sell/donate them in bulk to those who might want them. I’d personally collage the lot of them. I take off my dusk jackets, provided that the aesthetics are not significantly worse underneath.

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I take mine off of most books I am actually reading, but I prefer than on when on the shelf at is makes it easier to identify books at a glance.

If you are one of those freaks that prefer the jacketless look and don’t care if you have ot read half of your shelf in order to find a book that you could pick out from across the room is half a second, then either a collage or some decoupage is probably the best use.

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@jerv I’m one of those freaks who generally shelve my books alphabetically, by author. :p

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@augustlan I have issues with low contrast and find white/silver on a dark background far easier to read than gold-leaf on a yellow/tan background. That is why I keep the covers.

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I would go with the collage idea. I wonder if they have any monetary value? You know to book collectors? Who might want to sell books with a dust jacket than without? No idea on the answer to that question but perhaps one of the other jellies knows?

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Antique books are worth a lot more money with their original dust jackets. If you plan to keep these books and pass them on to future generations, put the dust jackets back on. On the other hand, if these are all Anne Rice or Dan Brown potboilers, you can safely discard the dust jackets without guilt. Along with the books. Unread.

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You could make an art montage using the most interesting parts (some type; some art), frame it and hang it on the wall.

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I always take those off, but I sadly admit I throw them away :/

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Wrap small presents with them.

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Google Dust jacket collection, dust jacket collector, book jacket collection— interesting results! (too many to tag here)

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It begs the question for me if “dust jackets” actually serve a purpose in protecting the actual book . . . hmmm, need to investigate . . . The name implies a purpose, but I wonder the extent to which the dust jacket offers protection on the shelf or when the book is flat on a table with a cup of coffee sitting on it . . .

I found this and this . . .

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I always take mine off. I think you should make a collage of the most intellectuel ones and frame it. Then, you’ll look really smart when your friends see what books you’re reading.
Now I know what to do over Christmas break!

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Ebay them- as someone above mentioned, books are re sale worth more with intact dust jackets.

I’d go through the ones I like and cut them down to use for scrapbook projects. The artwork could become front covers for journals, decorative box lids, cigar boxes that get made into diary safes, purses, tea boxes, spices caddies, recipe albums, sachet envelopes, home made gift cards, bookend facings, mounted on mirror frames, mounted on cardstock to go under a glass table top, console/sofa table or a frame for a large wall calendar.

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I do the same while reading, but put them back on when they go onto the book shelf.

How about wallpapering the outhouse?

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Collage and gift wrap it is! Thanks for all the great ideas. :)

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@augustlan Like mother like daughter, I do that too. Unless the book doesn’t say what it is under the cover because I organize my books by type and size and then I’ll look at it a week later and have no idea what the heck it is.

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