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If your doctor finds out you have a fatal illness and estimates you only have approximately six months to live, what would you do?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 18th, 2008

I remember a joke that there was this guy talking to his drinking buddies and he told them what the doc said, one of them got up and said to him: “don’t worry, six months go by quickly”

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I won’t encourage this, but I would probably smoke a lot of cannabis. And eat cannabis-brownies. I might even have moved to Amsterdam!

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Make peace with my loved ones including dealing with any holdover issues. Make sure noting was unsaid.

Tell all my friends I loved them.

Tell people who had been inspirational to me that they had.

Travel as long as I could to all the places I had not made it to yet.

Go outside every single day I could.

When I couldn’t go outside any more, if possible, rig my bed so I could feel like I was outside.

Having time to know is an incredible gift.

Make preparations for someone I trusted to love them to care for any animals I had at the time.

Make my arrangements so the burden for dealing with that was as small as possible for my family and they knew clearly what I wanted those arrangements to be.

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Get a second opinion.

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@AstroChuck: GREAT answer. Made me laugh.

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I might join you, Magnus.
I’d also blow all my savings and travel the world and do whatever the hell else I want. If I only have 6 months, I’m going to live it up.

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Then once you do all that, what would you do when the doc says that you are going to live?

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@sleuth9216 Sue him for malpractice?

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sleuth9216: Are we assuming the doc is wrong from the beginning? If I blew all my money and lived, then I guess I really wouldn’t have a choice.. I’d have to start over again, but I would have had a blast for 6 months!! =D

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spend as much time as i could with my loved ones, and just have a hell of a time!

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