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Any romance killers out there?

Asked by judochop (16070points) December 24th, 2011

I’ve been feeling especially unromantic lately.
Is there anything out there that just kills the romance for you?
Share the unlove stories during this time of love and stress season.

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Geesh. What a miserable and bleak idea! This question alone is doing a fine job for me.

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Pussy farts?

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Rooms or house that smells like any sort of pet urine.

Gross shower/bathtubs & toilets

Dirty bedding or finding crumbs or sand or mystery stuff in there.

Farting or going to the toilet before oral sex.

Getting scratched by someone’s fugly toenails.

Dirty fingernails that don’t understand why they don’t get to touch private parts.

Crotch grabbing in public. Worse- yanking underwear up real hard & fast. Ouch, not funny and definitely not sexy.

Ex’s sending texts all day & night and your partner answers them from bed.

A partner who can only remain aroused by what you find the least comfortable. least gratifying sexual position.

A partner who seems to only get in the mood after being alone with their iPhone, iPod, etc. devices.

Bad breath.

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@digitalimpression awwww. Well, what makes romance for you then broseph?

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@Neizvestnaya I am with you on every single one of those.
Also if I may add a few….
Droopy pants.
stains on white shirts.
smokers. Cig smokers, pot smokers are sexxeh as long as it is not all the time.

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Tim Tebow throwing four picks.

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People barging in

Ringing phones

The dog scratching the door and crying outside the bedroom

The dog licking my feet

Making out after my partner ate curry.

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Spouse walking out the door.

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Dead puppies
Explosive diarrhea and/or sewage backup
Acute heart failure
Pepper spray
Genital warts
Massive electric shock
Kidney stones

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“Accidental” destructiveness
Day old garlic breath
Scratching an ass crack and sniffing fingers in public
Being sexually fascinated with preteen or early-teen girls
No-excuse stupidity
Passive aggressiveness

none of the above are hypothetical, but things I’ve seen. I.C.K.

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@GladysMensch That was an awesome list lol.

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