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What are the reasons for my habit to sleep when stressed or sad?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) December 24th, 2011 from iPhone

Everything I find for those keywords always leads to articles for people who have have trouble sleeping when stressed, but I NEVER do.

It is like I sleep, sort through the troubles, and (often) wake with a better mood, and a plan.

But why? How? This is what I am trying to find out. I would appreciate answers, but answers from experts are strongly desired.

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Probably your brain is associating rest and solving problems so it keeps prompting you to handle stress that way. You’re very lucky! You get rest, regeneration and a game plan. Obviously you got a good brain and not one of those abby normal ones.

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It’s your way of shutting out the world. I think it’s more of a personal preference. It’s good for you, but let’s the opposing side lost in thought to be honest.

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It’s an escape and it gives your brain a chance to think without your conscious self butting in. You’re very lucky if you get solutions that work.

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Hmmm just wondering the why, though…

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Put simply, your energy levels are low. During sadness combines with stress blood pressures and endorphines tend to be low.

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I’m exactly the same.

I figure that I’d rather sleep and put my mind at ease rather than staying up and worrying about whatever the case is.

It’s like hibernation for your brain from stress, rather than for a bear from the seasons.

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I do the same.

When you reach your limit (stress, exhaustion, worry, etc.), sometimes you gotta shut down and recharge the mental and physical batteries.

I feel it’s my body’s way of protecting itself from harm.

When I listen and rest, everything is much easier to deal with later.

When I ignore the warning signs and push on, it almost always ends badly (more stress, fights, crying, etc.).

I say, trust what your body is telling you.

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Sleep helps me when I am stressed or sad as well. I thought it had to do with not feeling tired anymore after I wake up.

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@squirbel I just did this because the Chargers lost, and I do feel a lot better. I had an hour nap, and I must say, I saw a light in the tunnel and there is always next year! All disappointment disappeared!

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Self-preservation! It beats drowning yourself in the bottle! Sleep is healing. Hope you feel better soon!

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Good chance you are bored.

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I work a very stressful job, and some days I just need to lie down for an hour or so when I get home from work. It’s a way of putting some distance between me and my job. I withdraw for a while and feel better. Of course, when the weather is nice, a good five mile hike through the woods works too…

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