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Net10 phone says "dial 438 from add airtime option to add reserve"?

Asked by carrielynn (131points) December 24th, 2011

Hi. My friend has a Net10 phone and selected the 750 minutes/30 days monthly plan. He entereda the pin from his card, and the message “dial 438 from add airtime option to add reserve” came up. According to Net10’s website, the monthly airtime stays on reserve until service days are up. He has 6 service days but no minutes. Net10 said to put 438 in the airtime menu. He tried this and said nothing comes up. I also checked on the account online, and it said there is nothing in reserve. I am confused. I can’t mess with the phone myself because I am in another state. Any suggestions would be appreciated – I never used airtime on reserve before.

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Net10 has good customer service. They aren’t always fast-fast-fast, but they do eventually get the job done.

He can go online and discuss the problem with them via their website or call them (from another phone, obviously) at 1–877-TEN-CENT (1–877-836–2368). (You can’t make the call for him, as they will be asking questions about the phone serial number that you won’t have, and probably have him enter codes into the phone directly to reset his minutes.)

Good luck.

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If that^^^ doesn’t work, go to a Best Buy store in their mobile department. They do Net10 no contract stuff and have all the phone numbers and such

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I dialed the number for the $25 750 min.add air time….so why doesn’t it come on my phone? I have no other phone, and I need use it. I didn’t use the online add air time, because twice, I was charged double. Can you help me?

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