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What gift-giving inspirations have you had for this season or in the past?

Asked by Brian1946 (23205points) December 24th, 2011

I’m not only asking about them for this holiday season, but also past seasons or other occasions that involved gift giving.

Usually the only gift giving I do involves a gift card to my brother, and I wouldn’t call that inspired.

☼ However, in the finest tradition of George Castanza, I’m going to give him the birthday gift card he gave me for my birthday last week, back to him on his birthday next year, hee hee. I almost never shop at Target, so that will save me a trip. ;-p

I’m also going to give the Merry Xmas gift card that he gave me to my neighbor, because she watched my house for me last February.

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Three years ago, I used an idea that I found on the internet. My husband, his brother, his brother’s wife and I each wrote down 13 things that we were grateful/thankful for in regard to his parents. I typed them up (with the individual’s name on it) and cut out each one, then folded the strips and put them in a jar. We gave that as the last present and explained that they needed to open the jar once a week, pull out a strip and remember how grateful we are to have them. This gave them one a week for a whole year. They still say it’s their favorite present ever.

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My brother in law and I used to get each other a big Whitman’s Sampler (box of chocolates) which we both enjoyed immensely even though it was not good for us. Then we decided to give each other money. I gave him $20 and he gave me $20 . Now we give each other $50. Do you get the irony here? We give each other free time and no worry – the best Christmas present ever!

As stocking stuffers, I got Zip-It drain cleaners for everybody. Made in USA. They will really appreciate it when their shower drain plugs.

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Giving cash. Everyone seemed the most excited about getting money because they had specific things they wanted but for some reason wouldn’t say they wanted them ahead of time. This is fine by me, I’d rather be successful in gifting without giving up my days off to shop.

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