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What is it that FaceBook people feel the need to share anything and everything on posts?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 24th, 2011

Do you think its equivalent to showing a friend who comes over your photo album? Except nowadays it’s just a live feed on the internet? Why do I feel snooty about this sometimes? Like I think to myself, “Oh God such a horrible photograph of an ok looking dinner dish.” Stuff like that.

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What is “everything”? Are we talking several hundred updates a day? One a day, but many bore you? Are they all unliked posts? What type of posts are we talking about – you mention food pictures, is it just that (and, are you not a fan of food porn? I mean, this particular picture might not be good food porn, but food porn has taken off as a blogging topic)?

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One of the many downfalls of Facebook. I take the good and ignore the bad, as I like to keep in touch and think it’s a handy means of doing so. When people constantly update their status/pictures, etc. I simply hide them from my newsfeed.
I agree that it’s odd and am perplexed by people’s relationships with their profiles (if that makes any sense) I think it’s a mixture of boredom, loneliness, etc.

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I dunno, thanks for sharing this with us. :D

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Many people join Facebook for the sole purpose of keeping in touch and sharing their daily activities with anyone who cares to join with them. My son’s and grandsons and other family members swear by it.

I didn’t even find out that my favorite Uncle passed away until the Yearly Christmas Message came in today, because I’m not on Facebook. All my other relatives knew about it.

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Yeah I always debate whether I should delete mine. But I’m meeting so many acquaintances at college that it’s good for the k.i.t @Aethelflaed Everything from like, morning til the next morning.

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To be heard. Loneliness is another way of putting it, but it is too extreme of a description in some cases.

Also, it’s entertaining. Facebook has somewhat of an element like fluther. People responding, joking. It’s just more lighthearted than here.

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Blatant exhibitionism and an impression that the quality of friends is measured in quantity.

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I share things on Facebook when I do because I find my Facebook to be boring without new content. It has nothing to do with loneliness and more to do with liking having things on there. Then again, I don’t share everything on Facebook. I do share quite a bit on Q&A sites, though. ;)

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I share a lot on my Facebook. I didn’t always, but, people respond. I have lots of great discussions on my Facebook wall on a regular basis. If it wasn’t well received, or if it didn’t start so many wonderful conversations.. I doubt I would post so much. I’m not lonely, or an exhibitionist, or desperate for attention. I like sharing with my friends and family, and I like what they share, as well. When people seem to lose interest in what I’m posting.. I’ll stop posting. Makes sense to me.

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some days I will post a ton and then maybe not again for days on end. Who cares. IF they annoy you then why not ignore their updates? You know that you can do that now right? Just as you can ignore all game invites and all invites in general. If there is a problem you are having with Facebook, then I kindly say, the problem is you. You can customize facebook to see and hear only what you want to. Social Networking is just that….People will update often and all the time, that is sort of what makes the site cool. Twitter is 100 times worse.

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^ Exactly. Can’t we hide people from our news feeds by unsubscribing from their updates? Yeah, that’s what I thought. :)

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@judochop Yeah I could always turn the cheek. It’s just some things I’m interested in, but the rest is forced. IE family member updates, old friends from high school that add. And I know I shouldn’t hate it, but for some reason, I feel like it’s a little too much sometimes. I remember MySpace had a bulletin board. And if I were truly interested, THEN I could click the users bulletin, but FaceBook is just pure bulletin now. It used to be I had to click a users profile to see what they were up to. I guess the live feed feature annoys me. I truly liked the sense of profile was about me, and I could see what others were about. The whole live bulletin feed just throws everyones business out there all at once creating this culture of non intimacy. But I like FaceBook for the contact part. Of course I could just get my pals e-mails… But FaceBook seems to be a lot quicker. I’m debating… And then there’s the wife factor, if I delete she’ll be upset because she likes my picture next to hers on FaceBook. It’s just all so new, so that’s why I question it on my end. I don’t necessarily hate everyone for being a part of this culture.

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Attention whores.

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Most people I have seen seem to be doing it to gain attention. I don’t think it’s equivalent to showing a friend a photo album. I know people who have given each other their passwords. People have easier access to photos online rather than a photo album at home.

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