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What did everyone get for Christmas this year?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (433points) December 24th, 2011 from iPhone

Just wondering :)
I got lotion, a bow, a backpack, chocolate, lip stuff, and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (Go Troma!)

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☑, ☑, ☑ and foodstuffs, so far.

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I got a case of herpes.

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That sucks.^
And maybe that’s how you got it?

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We are opening our presents tomorrow. I have two under the tree so far from my internet contacts, and a couple from my grandsons. My big present of the year was the new 40” flat screen LCD TV Hubby got on Black Friday.

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“Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except herpes. That sh*t’ll come back to haunt you.”

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This month I got myself a new office armchair, a massage seat, a sleeping mask, a mouse, some 6 sided screw drivers, a multihead screw driver, some cable ties and a few days ago I ordered a tachikoma figure.

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@Repo_the_Genetic_Opera Here, I got you a calendar, since Christmas is tomorrow.

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I know…
Some people get stuff on Christmas Eve.
(I knew someone was gonna make fun of me for that.)

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@filmfann Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Christmas isn’t this Tuesday! That is whacked.

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I’m kidding I’m clean.

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@Adirondackwannabe Where there is smoke there is fire… :p

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@everephebe Cocksucker. That was well done.:)

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My Mom brought us home a 12-in-1 game table. It is pretty sweet. I also got a warm and cozy snuggie-like blanket from her. :)

I may end up getting more later. After all, it is only Christmas Eve here…^_^

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I got a rock.

oh, wait a minute. that was halloween . . .

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I got a lump of coal.

My house hasn’t had a coal furnace in more than sixty years.

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Teeny-tiny mini easels with mini canvas (so cute, never seen anything like it)
A keychain
Two books
A tea kettle
Two really adorable kitchen pans
A beautiful peridot ring that I fell in love with.

This was all from my husband, who spoiled the shit out of me. And, who also apparently let me fret like a maniac about money for the last month, while he had this massive Santa stash hidden away in hopes of making this a huge surprise.

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A laptray for my laptop.
Lot of old movies.
I Love Lucy DVDS.
Chocolate Monopoly.
Audrey Hepburn calender.—Not as great as my Extreme Ironing calender.—-
New Zelda game, L.A Noire, Mario Bros. Lots of video games.
A Nook :)
Also, my grandmother gave me a bunch of more girly clothes, so if any 14 year olds want make up and dresses, I’m giving ‘em away.

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Haven’t opened all my presents yet, but so far I got a new silverware set from my kids. They know I’m totally replacing anything I got as a wedding gift 12 years ago. I got myself new dishware and cookware.

This is the first Christmas in about 5 years that there are things under the tree for me. The ex stopped buying stuff for me and the kids were too young to notice Mom not getting anything. It does feel really nice to be thought of this year and that alone means more than whatever’s under the wrapping paper.

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2 tires, socks, CSN CDs, a bag with nail files and qtips.

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Mr. Laureth got me the biggest, most durable meat grinder. I think he really, really wants homemade sausage. :)

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^I want homemade sausage. I didn’t even know they made those things!

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I got a marionette (he is beautiful), and a handbag (which I love) and a wine bottle closer thingy (because I waste so much wine) and a David Attenborough DVD.

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I got some much needed clothes and a laptop!

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