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How will Kim Jong-un rule Korea differently from his father?

Asked by NayNayNayNay (37points) December 25th, 2011

He had not served a day in the military. I know how cruel North Korea’s armed forces can be to new soldiers, so none of their cruelty rubbed off on him, it seems.

He went to school in Switzerland for two years as a teen. He’s therefore seen the outside world and knows what it’s like to live in a wealthy, first-world nation.

And most of all, he’s seen the abject poverty of common North Koreans.

With the impact the outside world that he’s had as an impressionable teenager, will he be more open to opening up the nation to better human rights & economic development? Will North Korea finally end its isolation, be integrated with the world, and perhaps even reunite with South Korea?

Either way, how will he rule the nation differently?

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No one knows how or what he will do. I would think that he first has to consolidate power.

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He’ll be able to witness the utter collapse that his father set him up for. He’d better have a villa in China somewhere, I think.

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Well the son of Chaing Kai Shek turned around the hatred of the Taiwanese people after his fathers rule through the mid-70’s.

He ended up being very revered by those that despised his fathers politics.

One never knows, I don’t think we can even speculate, maybe he’ll be a miracle worker, maybe not.

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What more could he do besides build a big wall around the country?

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I suspect his kid is fully indoctrinated in the Noblesse oblige philosophy of his father and grandfather. Being even more distanced from his subjects than his predecessors, I expect little difference in his ruling style. I just hope he doesn’t have the taste for very young girls that his father had. Children in that godforsaken country suffer enough already.

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North Korea aired footage yesterday showing the uncle and key patron of anointed heir Kim Jong Un wearing a military uniform with a general’s insignia ... I don’t think that’s a good sign for those hoping for positive change :(

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Well he’ll be ruling in combination with the military-a shared power-so he’ll have less direct control of what’s going on in the country. In fact, my prediction is that he’ll serve more as a figure head. The military will seek a stronger alliance with China, so they will probably scale back the massive malnourishment by a bit.
It all depends on the masses. Despite their abject poverty and governmental abuse, they seemed to legitimately mourn Kim Jong Il. If the cult of personality persists, they will continue to allow the military to deprive them of their rights. If they can shake it off, however, there is hope for North Korea.

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