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If I wish you a Merry Christmas, what vision comes to mind?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) December 25th, 2011

So, all you Jellies, if I wished you a Merry Christmas what vision comes to mind, the fat guy in a suit, or a nativity scene? Maybe pink elephants?

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A tree with lights is the first thing to come to mind. I, personally, make very little [if any] connection with the religious aspects of the holiday. I have been nonreligious for so long that I don’t even think it really crosses my mind, anymore.

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people drinkin wassail from a punch bowl with decorations…....cheese

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Tree and some Mac and Cheese.

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Santa on a sleigh.

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Me and my husband in font of a decorated tree sipping hot beverages.

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It’s a salutation. It doesn’t give me visions any more than “good morning” does.

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Starboard buttes on the Mekongo Delta, in the accretion disk of the almighty’s anus.

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Lights and snow.

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The year I was eight years old and finally received my Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock.

I did not shoot my eye out, but I did shoot holes in the bathroom window screen.

My Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock was taken away from me for a month.

I learned my lesson…....well.

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People getting along. Merry Christmas everyone!

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A peaceful day filled with food, drink and laughs.

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No vision, just a nice feeling.

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A family around a Christmas tree, opening and exchanging presents.

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Kids opening presents, laughing, astonished expressions, a pancake breakfast, hot coffee, all day taking toys out of those godforsaken boxes, then afternoon naps and movie nights with popcorn.

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Jesus Christ as portrayed in Family Guy. : )

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A down on the micro farm Xmas like I have over here. Christmas lights lining the houses and barns on my hill, a living nativity scene with sheep, donkeys, llamas, horses, mules, geese, cats, you name it, we’ve got it!
My cozy house with all the decorations, and every night is a silent night on my little mountain.

Last night was awesome, I went out to my hot tub around midnight after the family went home and watched the sheep bedded down on the hill under the stars. Doesn’t get any better than that unless a wise old shepherd appeared. :-D

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Nothing, really. To me it’s just like saying Have a good day or any other generic greeting.

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My family around the christmas tree opening presents, the curtains are opened and we can see the snow building up for sled riding later this afternoon.

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Driving with my grandfather through his old town on a snowy night to look at the buildings decorated and lit up, that feeling of warm, wonder and togetherness.

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