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Care to share the best Christmas/Chanukah present(s) you've ever gotten?

Asked by Fly (8726points) December 25th, 2011

I remember being very young, waking up my parents early in the morning to see what Santa had brought me that year.

The best present I got as a little kid was the Game Boy Advance Color. It seems silly, but I had wanted it so badly, and my parents originally didn’t want me to have a Game Boy; they told me that Santa wouldn’t bring me something that they didn’t approve of. I was sure that I wouldn’t get it, but “Santa” surprised me with it on Christmas morning! I don’t think that I had ever been more excited about a present in my life.

This year, I was surprised again with a laptop, and I could not be happier!

So what are the best gifts that you have ever received? Share your holiday gift experience with the collective!

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My best present is being able to spend time with my family. I like that most of all. :)

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I’m pretty smitten with the miniature kiln I got this year. Firing glass in a kiln is a creative hobby I’ve wanted to pick up for years.

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My grandfather spoils me and he gave me an IPad last year. I didn’t think I’d actuallly get it. It just looked cool.

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My first ‘new’ rifle. It was a semi automatic from the Sears Roebuck catalog.

Before that I had to share the single shot with my brother.

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This was a good year, I adopted a new cat I love to death in early Dec. and received some great gifts last night, books, awesome bath stuff, perfume, and, something very surprising from my daughters boyfriend. Yep, it’s a secret LOL

2009/10 was really great, my birthday is tomorrow and in 2010 I gave MYSELF an amazing Asian vacation for my 50th B-Day! :-D

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When I was a kid, it was the year my parents bought each of my siblings and I a Game Boy Colour and our own cartridge of Pokemon (mine was the Silver Edition.) It wasn’t so much that we got an expensive present, but that it was the first year my parents were well enough off to splurge on us. There are photos of us looking so damn happy with our presents. It’s a special moment to me.

The best gift I have ever been given was last year when my dad finally got the surgery he needed. He wasn’t able to come home until a couple days later, but we were so relieved that he was at least on the way to recovery after that.

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My son just got his most amazing present ever this morning- an authentic, autographed-with-photo Green Bay helmet with Brett Favre’s signature. It took 10 minutes for him to stop saying OMG and pick his jaw off the floor. Got it on video!

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@Coloma Happy early birthday!
@linguaphile Haha, yeah, my cousin got nothing but Jets stuff last night. He lead the entire family into their warm-up cheer, even in front of the Giants and Patriots fans we had.

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@TheIntern55 I like your cousin! He has guts :D

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I loved the brass knuckles from my favorite aunt a few years ago. I super loved the home-made overalls my grandfather wore in 1913 (same aunt). Today, she scored with an official Boy Scouts brass bugle from who knows how long ago. Although I am over 50, I have managed to offend several households of dogs and people with my fabulous bugle playing!

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I got a pretty fantastic gift today. An air compressor and nail gun! Makes me feel all powerful. RAWR!

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@linguaphile Haha, yep. But he’s 9, so we can’t exactly get mad at him.
@augustlan A nail gun? Is that what you’re gonna threaten us with now?

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Now I’m extra-deadly. :p


A very old bonsai tree from a very old grand uncle who lives in California. He gave me the bonsai, a 100 plus year-old Ficus microcarpa, last Christmas when we were down there. I was worried I’d kill it, because it is so delicate looking with its gnarled thick trunk and twisted roots, planted in a very shallow pot. The tree is almost 3 feet tall, but it seems to be doing okay. It looks like this tree——

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I got my 4th gen iPod this morning (as you know) and i’m in love with it! It’s a lot better than my (cracked) 3rd gen and I can’t wait to use it more!

I also got about $150 in Visa gift cards and $25 in cash. I’m pretty happy about those too!

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That I can remember quickly, an H&K P230 9mm in 2009 from my then bf, now husband.

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