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How many kisses (xxx's) is the appropriate number when sending a message to someone of the opposite sex?

Asked by Lightlyseared (32339points) December 25th, 2011 from iPhone

When you send a text, email, PM or whatever to a friend of the oposite sex (not SO) and you finish it with an x, how many is an appropriate number to show you care for them as a friend and how many is just plain creepy.

Or am I over analysing this?

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Phone text: x o
Porno: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Hello: xo
Goodbye: xxo
Orgy: ooxxxxooxoxoxxxoxxxoxxxxxxoooxxoxoxxox xoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxoooxxooxoxoxox xoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooo
Missionary: xoxoxo
I wanna get with you: xxxxxxxooooxxxxxooooxo

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Do you want to be friends or lovers with them?

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More than 0 and less than 100. You are way over thinking this.

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I think you are over analysing the whole thing @Lightlyseared. I would only use xx for people I am very close to though. I also wouldn’t go crazy unless it was my husband or kids. Do whatever feels right to you.

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You’re over-junior-high-schooling this.

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As per @roundsquare , You are way way way overthinking this.

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One looks like a typo, two looks good, three is sexual, four is too many….so two.

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I don’t really think it matters.
Two seems to be standard, though. Myself [and most of my friends in the US] usually do ‘xo’ to friends, and my friends outside of the US typically respond xx, sometimes just one x.

It really doesn’t matter. I don’t think it would even occur to me to read into someone sending too many x’s or o’s.

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It’s exponentially related to how many smiley faces you dot your I’s with : ) XXX000 XD 0.0 ;-p

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I wouldn’t use any except for people I am related to, or wanted to be more than just friends.

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Two? One on each cheek?
I don’t know.

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