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Which words or names qualify for asterixation?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) December 25th, 2011

Last evening, in a British comedy quiz show, they talked about this tv listing software that filters ‘rude’ words and names and replaces the bad parts of those words by asterixes.
Amongst them were A***enal (Arsenal), Hanc**k (Hancock), Sc**thorpe (Scunthorpe).
Can you name some words and/or names that could qualify to get this asterix treatment?
They also said that a similar software in America changed Tyson Gay’s name, thus producing a newspaper header that wrote Homosexual eases into Olympic 100m dash final.

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F**k if I know.

Here is one list, but I don’t know how old it is.

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I am not sure especially since “rude” varies with which side of the pond you are on.

However, I know that the asterisk is sometimes also used to avoid copyright/trademark infringement.

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I’m afraid I feel bound let you know that the word is (and is pronounced) asterisk.

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@Jeruba It’s his question, and he can ax it however he wants! :D

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@jeruba’s right of course. Who would date to contradict Fluther’s p**ative head of grammatical an**ysts? I’ll p**s.

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@6rant6 Date? I think you mean dare. When it comes to grammar, you really are not any compet*tion for her.

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