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Are transformers childish?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 18th, 2008

i like transformers, i have some things like a soundwave shirt..mp3 player season 1 deluxe box, anyway, some people have told me it’s childish, what do you think?
i mean, my ex freaked “what, you spent €30 on a piece of plastic? are you crazy?” what do you guys think?

and to get some things out of the way, there is only one transformers movie, and that was made in 1986

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Depends who you ask. Good for you for sticking with what you love! Can’t knock you for that. I secretly wish I had a box of transformer toys…

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Dude.. I’m 30 and spent two hours this morning playing with Lego’s. If it feels good do it.

Off to the river for a swim in filthy water.

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It’s better to spend 30 euros on a piece of plastic than 5000 euros with a piece of plastic.

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haha, so very true, well, im glad im not spending that much on them, i mean, i spend a lot more on video games, but that seems to be more socialy accepted, i mean, i’ve done a small calculation, i own around €3000 worth of games and consoles, maybe a bit more now a days, if i’d spent that much on a transformer….

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of corse not. the movie was rated pg-13 haha but really i do not think they are childish

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Everyone has their toys. Are transformers more childish than, say, guns? It is all in eye of the player. No one’s opinion but yours matters as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or obsessed to the point of buying transformers instead of paying bills or buying food.

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Of course they’re childish. But what’s so wrong about being childish once in a while?

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men—Willy Wonka

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The movie with Megan Fox in it was amazing.

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I choose to believe not.
I still cry when i see optimus die in the original movie.

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Makes you happy, doesn’t hurt others what is the problem? Sounds like she had issues.

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