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What gems have you found on Netflix?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13640points) December 25th, 2011 from iPhone

I bought a subscription today And I can’t decide what to watch. What movies or tv shows have you watched on Netflix and enjoyed?

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In order of badassness:

Secret Samurai
Old Boy

Actually, Bronson might be the best one out of that bunch.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I just finished that. It was amazing. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Partition. Real tearjerker.

And of course, I’m a real Asian horror buff so I’ve found quite a few of those.

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If you haven’t already, the how Life with Damian Lewis. Absolute favorite, relaxing, and entertaining – only two seasons.

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I mix up a DVD and a documentary in my queue, and most recently one “gem” was a documentary called ” My brothers keeper.” Wild true story of these 4 old farm brothers in upstate N.Y. where one was accused of mercy killing another brother who was suffering from different health issues.

It was very interesting and quite amazing the way these illiterate brothers lived, all by themselves, for decades on their ramshackle dairy farm.

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Oh, I just watched ” Heavenly Creatures”..very bizarre true story about these two teenage girls that became obsessed with each other and a fantasy life and ended up murdering one of the girls mothers back in the 50’s. Very strange story, but good.

I have recently ordered, “Water for Elephants” & ” Iron Man 2”...both good. :-)

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We just watched a Claymation film called Mary and Max that was quirky and very good. Kind of a cross between Roald Dahl and Wallace and Grommit.

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Dog Tooth.

I will bookmark this thread. I am a huge fan of the netflix instant watch. without it I would not see TV.

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Being Human (UK Version) There are three seasons on Netflix and I obsessively watched them all and am now so sad to not have more episodes to watch. :(

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Tank Girl. I’m in love with that movie.
And Lady Jane.

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Pulling, if you like awkward British comedies.

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@judochop Old Boy was one hell of a movie! Left me feeling… “un-explainable” at the end. I just kinda sat there with my mouth open. But still not as traumatizing as Anti-Christ with William DeFoe…

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Oh and my gem that I found was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Breaking Bad
Food, Inc.
Lie to Me
The Secret Life of Bees
Jackass 3

I also want to watch “Four Minutes”.

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